You are missed

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Its been a whole year....
I miss chatting to you on the phone, you asking how the boys are, what we've been up to. Encouraging me that we are doing a good job with the boys. You had so much kindness and love for others..... Miss you xx
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Happy 10th Birthday!

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Master B you are 10 today!

You are now a decade old

You still have a very determined spirit

but also very easy going and not too worried about much

You would much rather spend your time in the library than on the football field.

I admire your perseverance 

and how the simple things like paper planes bring you such joy

I'm still having to sneak in hugs where I can

Family time is very important to you

but also having time along is good for you to recharge

You and Master B are like two peas in a pod

and so much like Mr B at the same time

I am so proud of you this past year, school is thankfully getting easier.

Our family photos are still awesome

and I'm very glad we take as many photos as we can

so I can remember every moment and every silly face.

Amongst the rush and the chaos you have taught me so much patience and love

You are my monkey moo and we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!

and we love you to the moon and back in a blue x-wing 

You can see the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th birthday posts here.
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Where I am right now- 22nd February 2017

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Making : avocado on toast

Cooking : simple dinners

Drinking : hot water and lemon 

Reading: the news on stuff

Wanting: more sunshine

Looking: forward to the school holidays

Deciding: on what to do on my days not working

Wishing: I had a few extra hours a day

Enjoying: the evening glow

Waiting: my date stamp to arrive

Liking: how independent the boys are becoming

Wondering: where 10 years has gone

Loving: family time

Pondering: the recent fires on the hills

Listening: to the boys enthusiastically play 

Considering: more ways to grow succulents

Buying: more pots for plants

Watching: confidence grow 

Hoping: we don't get birthday requests for machinery

Marvelling: at farm life

Cringing: at how long the process for fixing our house has taken

Needing: lots of patience

Questioning: how its taken so long to get a foundation report

Smelling: salt water

Wearing: hi vis

Following: my feet, one step in front of the other

Noticing: how much our garden has grown

Knowing: they are both growing up so fast


Thinking: our rock collection has grown the past year

Admiring: my newest acquisition

Getting: great photos the boys have taken

Bookmarking: things to do in Christchurch

Disliking: being tired and grumpy

Opening: packages from Ali express

Feeling: proud of how far we have come in 6 years

Helping: the boys with homework

Hearing: all about the boys days at school when I get home from work

Celebrating:  Master B's 10th Birthday next week

Pretending: winter isn't coming

Embracing: my love

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Where I am right now - January

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Making : the most of summer sun sets

Cooking : potatoes from our garden

Drinking : hot water

Reading: New Zealand geographic articles about the 1929 Murchison EQ

Trawling: through family photos

Wanting: the boys cactus not to die

Looking: at wee coloured skies 

Deciding: what lunch boxes they need for school this year

Wishing: we had summer all year round

Enjoying: the sand at the beach

Waiting: for these two to finish reading every time we go to a bookstore

Liking: slow evenings watching the boys play in the garden

Wondering: when summer will return after all this rain

Loving: the boys kindness and helpfulness

Pondering: the movie Lion 

Listening: to birthday requests from Master B

Considering: holidays this year

Buying: lego for Mr B

Watching: the boys using skate boards at the Amazon surf store

Hoping: for more evening bike rides

Marvelling: at how much hair these three have

Needing: more opportunities to wear togs

Questioning: how are rocks made courtesy of Master W

Smelling: tomato plants in the evenings after I water them

Wearing: jandals

Noticing: how much they grow

Knowing: I am loved

Thinking: these two don't look that much alike?!

Admiring: adorable tiny pony tails

Getting: ready for school to start back...8 days to go

Bookmarking: how to make bead necklaces

Disliking: whining

Feeling: relaxed

Helping: other mums through this holiday period with shared childcare 

Hearing: "you owe me pocket money" every week without fail

Celebrating: Opa's 91st Birthday with cake!

Pretending: This actually says "you make me smile"

Embracing: the school holidays

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