Where I Am Right Now- August

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Making : dinner with help

Cooking : easy dinners

Drinking : hot water

Reading: Harry Potter

Wanting: more sunshine and less rain

Looking: more like a responsible grown up

Playing: string games

Deciding: what to wear each morning for work

Wishing: for more patience

Enjoying: finished projects

Waiting: for more crafty time

Liking: my comfy new shoes 

Wondering: how easy it would be to make onion rings like this at home

Loving: hugs

Pondering: how to make things easier when life is a little chaotic

Considering: buying a new bag

Watching: football

Hoping: this doesn't all sell so I can keep them

Marvelling: at my two monkey moos!

Needing: a few more hours in the day to craft

Smelling: all the flowers

Wearing: layers

Following: the Olympics

Noticing: How well Master B did in his presentation

Knowing: simple projects bring great satisfaction

Thinking: I need to find another book to read

Feeling: grateful spring is just around the corner

Admiring: my beautiful new niece

Buying: work clothing

Getting: used to our new routines

Bookmarking: knitting projects

Opening: packages Mr B orders

Giggling: at how awesome I am

Feeling: a little disappointed it didn't snow here

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Where I Am Right Now- July

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Making : drinks with lemons from our lemon tree

Cooking : eggs on toast

Drinking : soda stream with lemon

Reading: up on how to play the boys card game

Wanting: more donuts and dates with Mr B

Looking: back at all our recent holiday photos

Playing: gutter board

Deciding: which direction to walk the dog

Wishing: I could go back and get Master W's rock I left at the top of the gondola

Enjoying: family time at the park

Waiting: till my garden is full of flowers again

Liking: hugs with my now 8 year old

Wondering: what colour to choose next

Loving: awesome photos

Pondering: if we are all just a little bit broken underneath our nice exterior and if some people hide it better than others

Considering: another road trip

Watching: the boys have deep conversations while digging the garden

Hoping: good changes take time

Marvelling: at how well plants grow when you forget about them

Needing: more hours in the day to create and craft

Smelling: lavender

Wearing: all the clothing

Following: the weather forecast waiting for snow

Noticing: how little clothing this child wears compared to me

Knowing: I am good at what I do

Thinking: that I should really take advantage of the sunshine and put on some washing

Feeling: warmth from the sun

Admiring: our awesome family

Buying: food 

Getting: quilt inspiration from Instagram

Bookmarking: recipes

Opening: replacement lego post

Giggling: at the Master W's concern and thoughtful approach for the worms in the soil and Master B's go forth and dig it all approach

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8 years old!

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Master W.... you are 8 years old today

You still want hugs and to be right next to me

teddy is still very important to you

everything you do is with 100% effort and concentration

you still love having your photo taken

as long as you are in a good mood

playgrounds are so much fun

you have a great sense of adventure

and have a love of rocks
(and we are so sorry we brought the wrong rock home the other day from our trip up the hill)

you enjoy playing pranks on your swim teacher  more than actually swimming

you take great responsibility in feeding the cat each night

you are super helpful in the kitchen

shorts and a t-shirt is all you want to wear all year round 
(I'm sorry I made you wear a jersey with it being below 5 degrees and you were feeling hot)

we hope your new glasses make reading and writing easier

you have so much patience for your brother

you pull the funniest faces for photos

you are very honest about how you feel 

monkey moo you are growing up so fast

 we love you to the moon and back in a Milano Spaceship


I love looking back over the past few years blog posts 7 years6 years,  5 years and 4 years 
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