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The new year got me thinking about what I could accomplish before i'm 30. This is my 30 before 30 list finished! Here they are in no particular order.....
  1. Hand quilt and bind a quilt completed hand binding  and completed hand stitched quilt 
  2. Make a hand stitched hexagon quilt making progress
  3. Learn to read a crochet pattern and make myself slippers completed
  4. Learn to read a knitting pattern and knit an item of clothing 
  5. Get full drivers license 
  6. Finish Farmers Wife Quilt 
  7. Go Skiing on a mountain with snow 
  8. Change a tyre on our car 
  9. Go on a hike with my husband 
  10. Visit my best friend in Australia complete
  11. Own and ride a bike more than 1km 
  12. Have a weekend away in Sydney with my husband 
  13. Learn to use the button hole attachment on my sewing machine 
  14. Go camping for more than 2 days with the family completed
  15. Learn to do screen printing 
  16. Go out to dinner and eat dessert before the main meal complete
  17. Donate Blood 
  18. Run 10ks completed 6th June 2010 
  19. Reupholster a chair done done
  20. Go and see a band play 
  21. Make a Pavlova completed 
  22. Sell something I have made first sale
  23. Create an audio cd of me speaking for each of my boys (reading their favourite book) 
  24. Make a 3 course dinner 
  25. Go fruit picking 
  26. Get a manicure, pedicure and massage in the same day complete
  27. Watch 3 men and a little lady 
  28. Finish the boys scrapbooks from birth to 5 years 
  29. Go to a bridal shop and try on wedding dresses 
  30. Have a dream 

So here's my list....would love to hear if you have a list of things to accomplish!
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