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We are back from our holiday and back into the swing of our normal with school, work and preschool, walking the dog etc. I really enjoyed our two weeks of holiday. Our first week in here and our second week here but it sure is nice to be home.

I am now wearing my wrist support all the time and got some new tape today which feels nicer than strapping tape. Things are feeling better with no pain in my shoulder, elbow but my tendons in my wrist still are not happy.

On a more productive crafty note I did make myself a hat while away....after I lost my other one *sad face*

new crochet hat
I found the teal colour wool at an opshop in Mosgiel and brought the cream felted wool (really like using the shepherd felted wool). Took a wee while to get started but soon got the hang of it having never made a hat before.

Its always exciting to get post and these blocks just arrived for the third round of the Modern Sampler Bee and these blocks are awesome. Haven't thought about making a start on mine yet- but I do have a few months to get them made and posted.

With Master W turning 4  last weekend we are having his birthday party in the weekend. I have been busy getting everything ready for it. Invites were sent out before we went on holiday

and I picked up some cute napkins and cupcake cases today and found the most adorable playdoh containers to put in the kids gift bags!

Excited to make up the packs and decide on the cake for the birthday celebration!

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  1. You always seem so productive - I really admire you! I love seeing your craft, your cooking and what you've been up to with the boys! I hope your wrist gets better soon and that Master W's party is a huge success. My niece is turning 4 next month. Her party in Canberra will be mainly for kids, so we're having a family celebration in Sydney in a few weeks. I've volunteered to make the cake. Haven't decided what to make yet, but I'm excited!


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