Creative Robots

Master B turned 6. We celebrated his birthday with a Robot Themed Party.

I thought it would be an awesome activity to have the children who came to the party make their very own robots.

We went to Creative Junk  and filled a bag.

Check out all the goodies from the bag.

I found awesome kits that would be perfect for Master B's birthday party activity.

We set up a building station

and they built.....

And created awesome robots

Mr W with his robot
Master B with his robot

I also made a robot photo board for everyone to have their photos


The wonderful thing about all this stuff is its reusable and so helps the boys be creative and we are using recycled materials!

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  1. Very cool Treena-Marie! I'm sure they had the best time!

    1. They sure did! Very proud of what they had made :D

  2. What a great idea! And you sound like the "best" mum!

  3. They look awesome! What a great party activity!


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