disappointing post

I have never in all my posting mail years had post returned to me. I have had post go missing but never just undelivered and returned.

A few months ago I took part in the share your country swap. I carefully chose the items and had them posted back in March.

I had all my items arrive from Lee-Anne in South Africa. You can see the photos here.

Today on my door step the package I sent back in March arrived back at my door- 3 months later and covered in dates/stamps and scribbles. (insert sad disappointed face here)

On the brighter side- I know our return to sender stickers work.
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  1. oh that sucks! especially with international post xxx

  2. oh no! I have had mail go missing to me - 3 packages in December alone. Most things get posted to my workplace now. I will try and get in contact with LeeAnn.

  3. Oh bummer - what a pain! Thank heaven it got returned to you!


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