I want new cushion covers

I was on the hunt for cushion covers for our couch (currently very brown).
Found a few on etsy and after a little bit of time searching and capturing a few screen shots It was easy to come to a colour palette I wanted for our couch cushions.

It would have been far to easy just to order from the store on etsy. But honestly where is the fun in that? Who doesn't like a good sewing challenge- linen, zips, actual cushion inners.

Stitch was sadly closing up shop and after visiting with Master B I found some fabrics I really enjoy!!

The grey and linen look great with the couch and curtains we already have.


Does anyone have any awesome cushion zip placement tutorials that are tried and tested? And cushion inner vs just plain cushion fluff- whats the best way to go? 

Now to find some time to sew new cushion covers!

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  1. My mum is a whiz at making cushions, I will ask her for some tips for you!

  2. Last time I needed a cushion inner I went to The Warehouse and got some cheap cushions with damaged covers for half price; way cheaper than a cushion form and they worked well. I prefer forms simply because everything is already set up and non-lumpy.

  3. I wish I could help but I usually grab some inners from marked down cushions or harvey furnishings. All done and clean and ready to go and minimal cost and effort. Good luck though and looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. I'm all for in ers the fluff tends to 'sneak' out when it gets played with. They are fairly cheap from spotlight or the warehouse can be a winner too. Also old pillows that are sad and thin can be folded in half and shoved in as well


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