a pile of fabric- pink addition

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I was asked by a friend to make a quilt for each of her two children. We had decided on a bundle of fabric and then it was all up to me. Eeek!!!

It took a while to get what I wanted. Lots of stopping and starting. Lots of nerves and second guessing myself. 

I finally settled on a block pattern after some inspiration from pintrest.

 After lots of sewing and ironing....

I had a quilt top I was super happy with!

My favourite part was hand quilting this. I choose a few plain dmc threads to co-ordinate with the plain fabrics. Simple and very effective.

Quilt complete!

Check out the blue addition here.
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  1. It is wonderful Treena-Marie! Well done you and I love your selections and the final design. It is so nerve wracking creating something of this magnitude for others! and the handquilting - perfection! No doubt they will love it!


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