I'm keen for a spring swapsy!

I am excited to do a Spring Swapsy!!!

It can be to swap fabric, thread, wool, other crafty things you have that others might want to make use of! I will also add in the blog link with your address information if you have one to share so you can see what the person you are sending to makes or would like to receive.

I have set up a form here for anyone interested to fill out and then I can email and supply postal  information of the person you are to send the spring swapsy items to.

To make this easy and us all spending the same amount on postage and post similar amounts for the swap NZ post has a C4 flat parcel post bag $5 that is a prepaid bag.
It would be awesome if you could keep within the 1.5kg limit and size limitations of the C4 bag and also if we make our date for things to be posted to our swap partner 1st September 2012 this should give us all plenty of time to find things in our own stash to to add to our bag to be swapped. Close off date for signing up is 20th August.

The wonderful thing about a swap is to not have to go out and buy more things but utilize what we already have in our stash. Also please dont worry if the person you are sending indicates they want something you dont have- just use what you have!!

Here is a button if you want to add to your blog

Copy and paste the code below for buttony goodness and to link up here!
<p align="center"><a href="http://mrsaldridge.blogspot.co.nz/2012/07/im-keen-for-spring-swapsy.html" title="I'm part of the spring crafty swap 2012"><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-u9WlwEFnRrc/UBEVdJRF5xI/AAAAAAAAGZc/tcZplgi2Qqs/s200/Button+Spring+Crafty+Swap+2012.jpg" /></a></p>
I am excited to get this Spring Swapsy started so please fill out the form so we can get this swap started!
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  1. Are you organsing this?!

    LOVE the use of the form. I'm keen to enter just to use that! :D


  2. Yes I am organising this! And yes the forms are pretty cool :D

  3. teehehe If only I was in NZ...

  4. Ha I am in too - if it's all Chch swappers we could swap over a coffee date - $5 for coffee instead of postage???

  5. Miriam, that sounds prefect...so far only chch bloggers have been keen for the swap!

  6. Hi! Will I throw things out being the only non ChCh blogger if I sign up for this swap? (I live in the Hawkes Bay)... But if one of you wanted to fund me to fly down I think I could manage it! he he! When's the deadline for sign-up? I will try to do it tomorrow if that's ok? Jenny

  7. Jenny, Welcome!!I will have the form open for a few more weeks.


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