a quick train track fix

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I brought a bag of wooden train track on our Op-Shop day. I was pretty happy with my purchase given how expensive the track is to buy new.

I got it home to find that 20 or so tracks were missing the male end that hold to tacks together (argh!!!). I had a look on-line and found that no one sells the male end for track- they just come on the track.

These are the male ends we already had on our assortment of track.

A few helpful suggestions later- sticky velcro was the winner!

I brought 1/2 metre of tan coloured adhesive from Spotlight for $4.95.

A very simple and cost effective solution to track missing the male ends. I just cut a small amount to fit the ends.

So simple and effective. It holds the track together with enough stick and can also be taken apart easily when you need to change the track layout.

Now the track has been added to our bucket of wooden trains ready to be played with. Simple!

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school holiday recap

Our school holidays have been fun. We have been keeping busy. And I may have cleaned my share of vomit over this time also (and no I didn't take photos of vomit) .There has been lots of photos of silly faces

lots of lego building and playdates

We celebrated Mr B's birthday

We enjoyed the Brick show

We ventured out into the Museum at night with torches

The boys created with clay

We had fun with straws

The boys enjoyed an hour of Kite making

We all went to the Theatre

We celebrated Master W's 6th Birthday and it was very blue

A fun filled two weeks! 
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Project Life 2014 Week Twenty-nine

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We survived the 2nd week of the school holidays. We seem to now be rid of sickness and vomiting (thankfully) and we got to celebrate Master W's 6th birthday and we had a very fun blue birthday party to celebrate. I made sure to keep the theatre tickets from our week and used the paper from the party bag to write on.

Since we took so many photos I choose to add an extra page insert. I also did this in week 13. Most of the extra photos are of family and friends.

Week 29

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blue 6th birthday party

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This year I didn't go for a themed birthday party for Master W's 6th birthday.

Previous years I have gone with a Farm theme for the 3rd birthday, Animal theme for the 4th bithrday  and a Superhero theme for the 5th birthday .

This year I just choose a colour which happened to be blue and ran with it and made it easy and simple.

It was really fun making little toothpick flags with washi tape.

I used small paper bags  and filled them with a few lollies and larger bags with popcorn.

Since it was wet and cold I planned a few inside activities. We coloured in and made masks and the kids were very happy playing lego.

I brought a cake and used a spiderman lego set as a decoration with blue and white candles.

Such a fun day filled with cake, friends and family.

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straw fun

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Mr B came across this kick starter  idea earlier this year.

They arrived not so long ago and after buying a few hundred straws we gave building with Strawbees a go.

We set a timer and started creating tall towers which quickly turned into teams and competitive building and then on to hats- very awesome hats.

The connections are interesting and when we ran out of 2/3/5's while building we have to start making new junctions which where harder than we thought to insert/make.

We had fun building. Its reusable and for my boys who love creating it was a nice time spent as a family creating something fun.

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Simple Washi Tape Flags

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I have seen washi tape flags around for a while now. I own a few rolls of washi tape after ordering most of it from here.

They are so easy and simple to make and you just need

Washi Tape

Choose a Washi tape and cut a 2'' strip of tape. Place the toothpick in the middle of the sticky side. Fold the washi tape sticky sides together and make sure the tape lines up. I cut a little triangle out of mine but you can leave the end square.

Simple and easy cupcake decorations!

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