Photo Friday

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The golden colours of Autumn before winter. Happy Friday!

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holiday crochet

While we were away on holiday I did get some crocheting done and a few projects finished. I made a second baby blanket in pink to be posted with the blue one I had already made

They were posted away and received These beautifully crocheted blankets came in today. Thank you - its so nice to have someone like what you make.

I finally finished these coasters for our table. When I say finished all they needed was the ends stitched in. They sat waiting to be finished for a few months. Opps!

perfect size and colour
So with those two projects done I thought a new scarf would be quick and easy to make while travelling so I found this pattern- and made a few changes- size of hook and wool and width of foundation row, 4 balls of wool and 3 very expensive buttons and a few hours later....

crocheting in the sunshine on holiday
a nice and warm versatile scarf ready to be worn- a very strange contrast to crocheting it in the sunshine to needing it on the walks to school in the mornings.

Love that its finished and so warm and a neutral colour. You can never have too many scarves for winter!
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Travelling Stash Box

I participated in the Travelling Stash box last year when it arrived at my house.

I wanted to participate again this year. The basic idea is you take something and replace it with something and send it on its way. Its always exciting to get post and even more exciting to open and admire the contents of a box addressed to me....

lots of patterns
lots of fabric
lots of wool
I put in the box fabric from my stash, a jar of buttons, thread, wool and a crochet hook

I took from the box, a knitted toys pattern book, quilt pattern, fabric and tulle

Now the travelling stash box is off to Hollymayb.
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more of Perth

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2 weeks in Perth = lots of photos. We went to the Zoo and here is a few more photos of our time away

Master B's impressive Monorail from duplo
the boys in a tent watching tv
It was nice having a few quiet (as quiet as 3 boys and a wooden floor can be) at home activities. They enjoyed painting.

The local Mall had a free school holiday activity of kite decorating

We spent a fair amount of time at the beach

Alison and Me 

Rockingham beach

We enjoyed Whitman Park  and the water playground

And it felt like the sun keep shining and Hillarys Boat Harbour 

It was good fun to cover me in sand

Cold rock
It was so great to spend two weeks in Perth. To visit places and to spend the time with Alison and her family. Our holiday is feeling like it was so long ago but we have awesome photos, experiences and memories.
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Photo Friday


Keeping warm in all this wet and wintry weather! Happy Friday!

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just the two of us

Of course I love the time spent with the boys- and all the photos like this we get that are awesome memories for our family.

But I do also love the time with just Mr B and me- just the two of us. While we were away we had a day alone together. We drove to Forster and headed to the beach. We had lunch and ordered the wrong thing- who would have thought a hot dog in NZ isn't a hot dog in Australia. Opps! 

We walked a fair few steps up to the top of the look out at Cape Hawke and you get a 360 view. It was a beautiful day so it was clear and warm.

We headed back to the beach just in time for sunset for Mr B to get some amazing photos

My attempt wasn't to shabby if I do say myself.

my photo of the sun setting
We had time to lie on the sand and not have to get up for anyone else. Time to be selfish and not have to be aware of when someone else needs to be feed, taken to the toilet, no sand over everything and not having to spell words when we don't want them to know what we are taking about and just enjoying the quiet as well as conversation together.
But of course I missed the boys who had a wonderful day with the grandparents and had so much to tell us when we got back. Time alone to appreciate our very cute and very cheeky boys who keep us on our toes!
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