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Rafting down the Avon

When a friend asked a while ago if I would be keen to go rafting down the Avon, my first response was sure- why not.....but it needs to be be around 20 degrees please. 

I got a call yesterday saying the weather forecast looked good and the temperature perfect and that today would be the day to go rafting and we would start the day at 8am.

I am a list person so I asked the pro what I needed- and active wear was my attire for the morning, along with water, sunhat and sunglasses. 

Can I point out my rafting companion who was also the supplier of said rafts, is very wise and had the knowledge of rafting who also kindly worked out the course we would take.

I honestly had no idea what I was in for. First things first inflate the raft. 
I successfully inflated my raft. Winning!

I made sure the view from the raft was good and I could actually get in and out of it- we had many people stopping along the bridge at the park to watch what we were doing.

We launched at the Botanical Garden near the playground.

We made our way through the park and into the city and towards Avonside Drive.

I loved the sense of calm on the water as we headed into the red zone.

There were many times I just put the paddles down and floated along soaking in the sunshine and view.

This was us after 3 hours on the water!
It was fun and enjoyable (and I'm sure my shoulders are going to ache tomorrow)

Its amazing to see that we rafted this distance through the city via the river.

And the boys thought it was great picking us up - mud, water and stones!

Any guesses to the number of road cones that were counted (in the river only) in our travels on the Avon river this morning?

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