winter is done!

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Whoo! Its the last day of winter. This is how I've survived winter

I brought new sheets. Mr B asked if I thought they were "loud"- haha!

having our awesome fire

and the firewood looks pretty awesome stacked up thanks to Mr B

cleaning the floors with baby wipes

Lots of gardening

buying a bright pink scarf

Investing in a kindling cracker

and yes it's well worth the money spent- the boys can use it  and there's no chance of fingers being axed off!

making quilts and crafting

knitting socks for the boys

finding snow boots at the op shop for $7 in my size and colour

creating awesome memories 

spending quality time with Mr B

and finding every ounce of sunshine I can!

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I may have planted an orchard

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I am currently moving all the plants that keep getting flooded every time it rains for more than a day to higher ground. I am finding the time in the garden very relaxing and rather productive.

The raised garden beds out the front seem to be doing the trick keeping everything inside them up out of the water and of course they work well as soccer goals.

I brought a few (maybe closer to 10) fruit trees and have planted them around our garden. Our grand total of fruit trees to date is 17 (this does exclude fruiting plants like strawberries/blackcurrants/passion fruit)  and a big whoo for successful planting as they are already starting to blossom. I'm looking forward to everything growing and flowering 

now to be patient for fruit.

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I saw this blog post -I laughed and thought how true is this. I am very thankful for all that we have. Its not big, flash or fancy but I'm happy and content to sit on the couch and knit socks while my boys play lego in front of me.

I'm content (and it seriously has taken 7 1/2 years to get to this point) where I'm able to walk my boys to school, be an active part of their lives. Right now I have made a choice not to work full time and for that I get to be around to capture moments that I might otherwise miss.

To be home during the day doesn't just mean sitting down knitting for 8 hours (I can only but dream to be creating and crafting all day) . I honestly find it very hard to do one task for a long period of time without thinking about all the other tasks - cooking,cleaning. errands, dog walking etc. I could/maybe should be doing.

There have been times in the past few months where my availability has worked (and in some ways validated this decision)- this means I have the time to visit friends and be a help out where I can.

These choices we have made work for us as and our family and I am so thankful to have all that we do.
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Project Life 2014 Week Thirty-three

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I've been busy playing catch up for the past month's Project Life pages (argh!!!!!). It feels good to get back on track and very glad to be keeping track of the week in a note book- for occasions such as this!

I am really enjoying all the sunshine. We got to venture to Godley Head and Sumner Beach. Not warm enough to be in the water but great weather to picnic and play in the sand.

I got Master B's knitted socks finished.

 Week 33

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Project Life 2014 Week Thirty-two

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I really enjoy looking back over my weeks. Some weeks feel unproductive but when I look back at our photos and all that I did- its never just a quiet week doing nothing.

I am still busy knitting. I have started on socks for Master W. Master B has his hulk figurine hanging from the handle above his car seat- when I'm alone in the car the hulk is happily hanging above the car seat behind me.

 Master W has some great expressions.

Week 32

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Project Life 2014 Week Thirty-one

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We had family come and stay. The boys loved it. We have some very special family memories. And after saying its been freezing dress for it being freezing- the whole week was WARM and windy.

 I have many plants already with blossoms.

Got to love the faces Master B pulls!

Week 31

August already! I am wondering where the year is going and reminding myself summer is getting closer.

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Project Life 2014 Week Thirty

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School is back for term 3. The weather has been improving some but we are still using the fire every night.

We have had some very impressive sun sets with the sky glowing orange and shades of red/pink.

Sago enjoyed our walk at Brighton Beach. The boys also got much needed haircuts but since it was so cold at the trains I don't have a picture of the boys with their short hair.

Week 30

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