where I am right now- Its nearly September

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Making : lemon slice with Master B

Cooking : dinner on the bbq

Drinking : water

Reading: New Zealand Gardner - get growing Garden Diary

Wanting: more plants for the garden

Looking: forward to the long summer evenings

Playing: chess with the boys

Deciding: what vegetables to plant in the garden

Wishing: the boys wouldn't grow up too fast

Enjoying: hugs

Waiting: for online orders to arrive

Liking: listening to the boys read

Wondering: why is it so hard is it to get a nice photo

Loving: the sunshine

Pondering: where to take a holiday

Considering: buying a few more bike attachments to make rides easier

Watching: the boys explore the city

Hoping: we take another family bike ride soon

Marvelling: at the view on top of one tree hill in Auckland

Needing: to rest my wrist *sigh*

Smelling: the flowers

Wearing: hats and jackets

Following: the inconsistent weather forecasts

Noticing: all the new growth on our fruit trees

Knowing: we all have strengths 

Thinking: of how far we have come

Feeling: wonderful after a surprise visit to see my Nana

Admiring: how well they can play together

Buying: mens shampoo for the boys

Getting: sad and excited to see the transition away from cuddly toys

Bookmarking: summer bbq recipes

Opening: feedly

Giggling: at the funny things the boys say

You can find the list here
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quick and simple stool recover

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I was given this awesome stool from a friend. It sat in our spare room and I started using it as my sewing stool. It was a perfect height for me to sit and use my sewing machine.

The fabric is was already covered in wasn't exactly modern or fitted with our house decor. 
A quick trip to spotlight and to the cotton canvas area I spotted this fabric. It was $11.99 metre and I brought just over 1/2 metre $6.83.

The hardest part to recovering this was removing the screws that attached the legs to the bottom of the seat. I needed Mr B to remove these for me.

I just used enough fabric to cover the seat and folded it over a few inches so it wouldn't fray. 

I used the staple gun (with thankfully just enough staples for me to finish this project) 

I have a good amount of fabric left over from this project.

Once I got the seat back on it looked like a brand new stool.

Loving the new stool fabric! Such an improvement from the original pink swirls.

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