Where I am right now- the past few months

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Making : sunflowers grow from seeds

Cooking : toast + avocado 

Drinking : hot water

Reading: a stage play 

Trawling: through old photographs of the boys

Wanting: less chaos

Looking: out for nice summer sandals

Deciding: when to next go on holiday

Wishing: summer was all year round

Enjoying: watching these two grow

Waiting: for teeth to fill in 

Liking: family time

Wondering: what to make next

Loving: family road trips

Pondering: work/ family life balance 

Listening: to the sound of silence

Considering: intermediate school options

Buying: more lego

Watching: these three play with nerf guns

Hoping: for more afternoons spent at the school pool

Marvelling: 10 years with my love

Cringing: at all the toilet talk

Needing: sleep

Questioning: how long will the city will have these fenced off areas

Smelling: all the flowers

Wearing: jandals

Following: the boys while participating in tough kids

Noticing: its 6 sleeps till Christmas

Knowing: I am loved

Thinking: how awesome our family photos are

Admiring: how beautiful New Zealand is

Getting: out in the garden

Bookmarking: things to crochet

Disliking: the small part of skin I didn't sunscreen

Opening: umbrellas

Giggling: at hash tags being written in chalk

Feeling: like I blinked and we have 9 family Christmas photos already

Helping: teach my boys life skills 

Hearing: cicadas in the garden 

Celebrating: small victories

Pretending: there are no chocolates stashed in the the Santa on the coffee table 

Embracing: wonderful friends

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