Our Wedding Anniversary

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October the 22nd is our 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Here are a few Wedding photos from our day. I have the most wonderful husband!!!

We make it a priority every year to celebrate our anniversary and also give gifts. But after all the aftershocks places to stay  are either booked/expensive or a lack of places to stay as people are still coping with all the Christchurch aftershocks (which we are still having and we had a 5.5 the other week) and I really don't think we could leave Master B or Master W for more than a day anyways...so this year we are taking some time out as a family.

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I've been getting stuff done!

I have been trying to get lots done before the end of the week. I was sure I had an extra week before Labour weekend but I was wrong!

Started our Christmas cards and been catching up with a friend - and I have been doing lots of cutting strips, folding card and stamping "Merry Christmas"

Cutting lots of paper into strips!

Worked on some Birthday cards and Thank you cards (and made a few extra) as it seems to be Birthday season at the moment!

 Apple coasters and Citrus coasters are now done

Making progress with a quilt I am starting for a friend

Fabrics for Quilt

Started sewing strip of fabric together

Have a friend due to have a baby in the next few weeks so I have made her a toy for baby that has a bell inside (its not yet had its stuffing put in)

Added some peach cheeks

lions and bunny's I made last year for the boys and as baby shower gifts

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Photo Friday

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Apple Coasters

Its Friday! Looking forward to the weekend!
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The past weeks happenings

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I have spent the past few days enjoying the sunshine, and the wind can get all my fabric dry for a quilt I am starting.

Here are my coasters for Octobers Craft Swap (just need to be hand stitched closed- excuse the pins). I am really loving that they are all different!



Have started making Christmas gifts for my sisters. I am embracing the $10 limit for gifts and really enjoying making gifts! They will be little bags so when they travel/go out they have a place to put watches, rings, earings etc. I am using so fabric scraps from my quilts and matching felt and snaps.

My Circle quilt now has its binding and I'm really happy with it!!!!

Its new home on the couch!

Started making these adorable apple coasters to continue with the coaster theme to go along side the citrus coasters

Orange citrus coasters
So many ideas and so little time! Hoping for a productive evening tonight at craft night :D

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Photo Friday

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Made myself a summery bag- just waiting for the sunshine!
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The past week and Crafty swap

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Crafty swap for October has started. We have started with Coasters. I have send fabric, buttons (that match the fabric) and ribbon to my person for this month and I have received this fabric from another.

I am currently hand stitching on the lace/ribbon on to the brown fabric before sewing together my blocks

I have also been doing a lot of unpicking....my circle quilt looks like this, just needing to iron the binding and sew it back on- the way I like doing binding.

circle quilt
and need to start unpicking the quilt for Master B but need to wait till I have the patience to do it.

On a happier note I brought some more fabric from Sew Pretty

Now to get started on another quilt at craft Tuesday night for a friend. Here are the fabrics I am starting with!

Lets hope for a productive week!

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