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I had really enjoyed taking photos of the city where I have has so many places that hold memories for our family and myself. Some of those places make me stop and remember what things were before all the destruction. To anyone else these images are just something they have possibly seen many times before. For me its a reminder of everything that has happened and how far we have come.

A few trips into the city with so many great new memories created for our family.
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Labour Day has perfect weather to spend time as a family. 
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Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Last year we filled 4 boxes for Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's purse. This year our family was all in to fill more!
I am always amazed by peoples generosity, love, compassion and willingness to do for others! Filling these boxes reminded me of the collective power of love! Thanks Miriam for being able to help me get this done!

We invited everyone to contribute to the boxes. I am ever so thankful we can go out and buy new items to fill the boxes and remind the boys that they don't need to be buying something and they already have so much! We as a family filled 4 boxes again this year

Here are a some things we put in the boxes for the different age groups

Girl aged 2-4
t-shirt, tooth brush, puzzle, soft toy, tissues, soap, pencil, balloon, colouring pencils, notebook, headband, hair ties, 

Boy aged 2-4
t-shirt, hat,book, toothbrush, drink bottle, soap, car, comb, bouncy ball, finger puppets, notebook, colouring pencils, balloon

Girl aged 5-9
t-shirt, soap, jump rope, tissues, book mark, tooth brush, notebook, balloon, facecloth, socks, comb, tissues, necklace, underwear, pencil

Boy aged 5-9
pencil case, play-doh, balls, tooth brush, notebook, soft toy, pouch, soap, flannel, underwear, marbles, pens, mask, spin top

Girl aged 10-15
pencil case, pencils, flannel, soap, headband, bouncy balls, pencil, hair ties, note book, marbles, exercise book

Boy aged  10-15
Puppet. rubix cube, toothbrush, t-shirt, book, pencils, sharpener, bouncy ball, soap, flannel, exercise book,

We had great joy making sure each box had what it needed. We made sure that there was both genders and all ages covered.

Its an awesome feeling to be part of something bigger than us. I love that we can be a part for others to receive a box filled with gifts and love! Thanks to the Make Cafe for being an awesome creative space!

We aimed for 30 boxes and 46 boxes are now complete!!!

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Photo Friday

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I love that the end of september the Iris's in our garden begin to bud and every year no matter how much, snow, hail, wind, flooding, sunshine that just before our wedding anniversary they bloom.

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7 Years!!

I love looking back at old blog posts from our wedding anniversaries. Our 6th Anniversary and our 5th Anniversary.
Master B took this awesome photo while we were away

Each day and year we add more wonderful memories to our family and many that are just for us! I have the most wonderful husband and I'm looking forward to our day together celebrating 7 years!
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Dish cloth swap

I was so excited when I saw this post about a dishcloth swap. I was totally in for it!!!

 I have had this big book of dishcloths for a while now and have made a few from the book already. It was a great chance for me to learn a few new techniques and of course make something for someone else.

I got two different dishcloth patterns made from the book of dishcloth patterns.

These dish cloths are in the post to Leonie. Hope you enjoy them!

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Ninja Baking!

Last year I took part in The Sisterhood Ninja baking drop and it was so great to be able to bless others with a nice surprise of baking. So this year when The Sisterhood opened up for bakers to register (I signed up!) and even got to nominate a few people. 
I had 1 nominated person assigned to me and decided to bake for 2 other people I know. 

I got to making chocolate brownie with raspberries. 

I printed off the Sisterhood poem, found some bakers twine and brought some new containers.

All 3 parcels were packaged up and delivered ninja style and no one saw me! 

You can check out The Sisterhood on Facebook to see what other goodies were delivered Ninja style around NZ!
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Easy Zipper pouch tutorial


Materials needed
Zip in co-ordinationg colour to fabric- 8'' or 10'' long
cut x2 outside fabric cut to 9''x 6 1/2''
cut x2 lining fabric cut to 9'' x 6 1/2''
Zipper foot and normal sewing foot

Place outside fabric facing up once you have cut it to the size you need it

Place zip facing down. If you have a zip that is too long it can be sewn over and cut down

Then place lining fabric on top- they should all line up at the top.

Pin and sew 1/4'' using a zipper foot along the top edge.

The zip will need to be moved at some point when you are sewing. Just before you are near to it- keep the needle in the down position- lift the foot- zip the zipper past where you are working (away from you)- put foot down and continue sewing the length of the zip.

I couldn't decide what colour zip to use but choose the white with this fabric. It should look like this when you open it out after you have sewn along the edge.

Now repeat with the other side of the zip placing and pinning outside fabric, zip and lining and sew together. It should look like this below.

Next step it to pin outside fabrics together and inside fabrics together. NOTE- you will need to open the zipper up to half way. This makes it much easier turning it all back in the right way after you have sewn around the edges.

Sew 1/4'' around the outside and make sure you leave an opening in the lining fabric. Trim off corners

Now turn it in the right way.

Press and pin closed the gap once you have pushed out all the corners. Sew the gap closed.

Now you can push the lining and you have a fully lined zipper pouch!

Super easy and quick to make. These make great gifts and handy for storage, pencils and other small items!!!
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