Master B's 5th Birthday

Today. February 27th 2012 is Master B's 5th Birthday. He came into the world 5 years ago at 3.07pm weighing 4.18kgs (9.2lbs)

Master B 1 day old

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Master B. Mummy, Daddy and Master W love you so much!!

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Party Time!

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We celebrated Master B's 5th Birthday today

I made birthday invites

Gift bags for the 5 friends we invited for Master B

contents of the gift bags- lego minifigure, lollipop, balloon

gift bags with cute stickers

Moon cake with lego minifigures and space craft landing on the moon


Master B was very spoilt and got lots of fun gifts

children chalk drawing outside

It was a beautiful day to celebrate Master B's 5th Birthday. We loved having friends and family come and enjoy the day. The weather was great. The children played with lego and cars, ate party food, played outside and did chalk drawing. It was a great day!!
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Photo Friday

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Cake Master B has taken to preschool to share with his friends
This time 5 years ago we were waiting not so patiently for Master B to be born...turns out I had to wait 3 more days! Time sure does fly!
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A whole year has passed

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I can't really remember town before February 2011 anymore. Can't really remember what was in the blocks between streets now just car parking or nothing. Strange to think that we visited town regularly and Mr B worked in town on Cashel Street. I feel lots of mixed emotions remembering back now.

We (me and the boys) were in town on February 22nd 2011 driving home from a friends house after a play date that morning. Since I had gotten lost on my way to Dallington (red zone) I drove home back down Avonside Drive through town down Kilmore Street. The aftershock of magnitude 6.3 struck at 12.51pm as we were driving past the Convention center and the Christchurch Town hall when I thought I had blown a tyre as the car started rocking from side to side, looking back and seeing buildings fall, people running from buildings, watching glass on the convention centre windows buckle, the ground still shaking. I had both boys in the car with me, Mr B was at work on Cashel Street.

We waited through every aftershock and the liquefaction that came up that afternoon in town for what seemed like forever -waiting for Mr B to find us where we said we were in my initial and only txt that got through to him. I was so thankful I had the nappy bag with water, food, colouring in book, jackets, pram, carrier in the car that morning. I had a woman ask me if I was ever a girl scout. She made me smile. I felt were prepared for most things at that point. I have never been so glad in my life to see Mr B than I was that day. He had frantically been searching for us.

We left the center of town and walked home together- our family. To arrive home I think was the mouse that sank the boat for me that day. I cried. It felt so silly to think others had lost their lives, homes, lively hoods. we just had liquefaction and a cracked house. The neighbours chimney had fallen in their roof- ours was still standing, we were surprised as hadn't seen much damage down Lincoln Road- just traffic backed up. When we turned into our street. There was just piles and piles of liquefaction. I shoveled for days to clear it and put it on the street and was very glad my parents had water and power. We stayed with my parents the first night watching the news to find out what was happening- I couldn't sleep. We had Mr B's parents arrive a few days later for Master B's birthday and a wedding in Dunedin. I felt like we were in survival mode- really unprepared for the boiling of water, no flushing, no showering or washing.

Today we remember the 185 who lost their lives and rejoice in the strength and love of friends, neighbours and strangers and the resilience of our children who play earthquakes with their blocks and build things back up again.

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Photo Friday

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Love my boys!!!!
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A few recipes

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For Valentines Day I did some baking and made Chocolate Chip biscuits, Apricot Slice, Peanut butter and Toblerone Fudge. Here are the recipes. Enjoy!!!

Chocolate Chip Biscuits
Edmonds Cook Book recipe
125g Butter
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
2 cups plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • Cream butter, sugar and vanilla together until light and fluffy 
  • Add egg and mix well 
  • Add sifted flour and baking powder 
  • Add chocolate chips 
  • Roll into balls and place on a greased tray. Press with fork 
  • Bake @ 190 degrees for 10 minutes or 12-15 minutes if you want them firm and not soft in the middle

Peanut Butter and Toblerone Fudge
 Microwave recipe -Original recipe found here
225g Butter
2 Cups Icing sugar
1 container of peanut Butter (375g )
1 tsp Vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups chopped Toblerone 
  • Combine butter and peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes 
  • Stir until smooth and Microwave on HIGH another 2 minutes 
  • Add vanilla and Icing sugar. Mix with a wooden spoon. Add in 1 cup chopped up Toblerone. 
  • Pour into a greased/lined 20x30cm tin 
  • Sprinkle over remaining chopped Toblerone and refrigerate until set. 
  • Store in airtight container the fridge 

Apricot Fudge Slice
Original recipe found here
125g Butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tin condensed milk
1 cup chopped dried Apricots
1 pkt of crushed plain biscuits (250g packet)
optional- add 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • Heat butter, brown sugar and condensed milk until the butter has melted. Do not boil 
  • Add crushed biscuits and chopped apricots (and chocolate chips) 
  • Mix well and press into a greased/lined 20x30cm tin 
  • Put in the fridge until set 
  • Ice with lemon icing
Happy Baking!!

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Its Valentines Day

I made cards for Valentines Day- one for my wonderful husband and two beautiful boys. It was using stuff sent in a crafty swap for Valentines from a friend

Mr B's card

Small cards for Master B and Master W
Me and the boys had a Valentines Day morning tea with with lots of other Christchurch bloggers organised by makeitgiveit and acquired some new fabric and cute socks and of course got to chat and have yummy baking! I made Chocolate chip biscuits and I received Lemon Squares in the swap.

fabric and socks

Lemon Squares
I made sure I took some photos of me with my boys today

Me with Master B

Me with Master W

the boys built an awesome train tack

My wonderful husband!!!
Mr B made us a roast pork for dinner with roast was so yummy and then we got to eat Peanut butter and Toblerone Fudge and Apricot Slice for craft night- it was a good things to have others share the yummy food. It was a great day and it reminds me of how wonderful our family is!! 
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Photo Friday

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loving the hexagons
Hooray its Friday! 
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I spy quilt progress Part Two

Its complete!

It was a gift for a friends baby shower over the weekend. Love how it turned out and so glad I used the cream for the back/ background fabric. Finished size 31.5'' x 42.5'' (80.5cm x 108.5cm)





I really like that its gender neutral and colourful! If you notice the back- the added strip of fabric isn't straight- well that's how it is in Christchurch at the moment- not much is really that straight!!
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Our home!

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Today is Waitangi Day so it means a long weekend for us.

We want to be making great memories for the boys so we went on holiday our back yard! (Our poor grass is looking worse for wear after having the tent on it for 2 days) The boys helped us set up- quickly got their beds set up and played most of the afternoon away.

The boys helping Mr B set up the tent

Master W looking impatient

Master B sweeping the tent out

Master B and Master W all set up for bed

I set up for bed- with actual bedding!

We had a bbq for dinner the first night
The boys really enjoyed camping- taking out all their blankets and toys. We read books and coloured in before bed. It was surprisingly light  in the tent even late at night. Was nice to still have the comforts of home- shower, toilet, fridge, oven etc. but also to be able to hear the cars, birds, rain and of course enjoy the silence (if you ignored the snoring and sleep talking from two little people!)

We will have to do it again soon!!
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Photo Friday

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Flowers from my garden
Happy Friday!

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A few funny things happened today

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While I was sewing today the boys were enjoying watching me so I asked them if they wanted to do some sewing. I got them a blunt large needle and thread each. They did so well!!!

Me and the overlocker

Master W getting the hang of it

Master B 

Master B figured out running stitch

Master W with his concentrated face on
 I follow this blog and I am inspired about ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ -  ‘B.M.W.B’ and being aware, treasuring the small things and making an effort with the boys as well as all the other things I do with the boys in the week like- play doh playing, train track building and fixing, book reading, drawing and colouring in, being a bike riding helper, having two helper chefs and taste testers when I bake (not trying to do it quickly alone), taking photos of them and allowing them to take photos of anything. I wanted us to be doing a few more things as a family and I love the idea of each one of us having a book to write draw/ scribble in etc. one night in the week after dinner. Mr B seemed the most unsure about this- but got into the swing of it and I just doodled more quilt ideas!

Our books

Master B's awesome drawing!

For me, its reminding myself to not sweat the small stuff like letting the boys explore and walk a few feet ahead of me while we walk with the dog (it was hard work but worth it for the fresh air) and  the boys helped feed Sago. Master W got the bowl, grabbed a spoon (soup ladle) and got her can of food and started scooping it from the can- I am holding the can and the bowl while he scoops- I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. Master B thought he could scoop/ ladle also so he had a go. Then we counted out biscuits- they were very generous!

Left Hexagon 1 1/2 inch- Right Hexagon 1/2 inch
I thought I was doing so well ordering more hexagons. The ones I use at the moment are 1 1/2 inch and I ordered what I thought was 150 more. I was wrong! The small 1/2 inch ones arrived. I had to laugh- Silly me!! I have found someone who has a use for hexagons that cute and tiny!!

On a side note- Here is my Hexagons quilt progress and the cute brown one at the bottom of the picture below I got made at Tuesday night craft night.

Hexagon quilt growing

Back of hexagons
 Not sure if its just me but I *heart* how the underside looks with the brown Hexagons and all my hand stitching!

Craft Swap materials for February's swap- Valentines Cards

This week seems to be finishing projects and resisting starting anything new and I'm super excited to be camping in our yard this weekend. I get the luxury of the toilet, shower, kitchen and don't have to drive anywhere! 

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