I've got a stack of old albums

Ive got a stack of family photo albums with many photos from my childhood. They have been sitting in storage container in the garage with my name on it for a few years now.

Many of the albums are looking a little worse for wear....but I guess that's what you get for an album more than 20 years old.

I do love looking at old photos and reminiscing about all the old memories.

I came across a marching album- does anyone remember those albums where you peel back the plastic and sort of stick the photos down and press the plastic back down....well I have an album from 1994 containing all my marching photos.....the album is only 21 years old! 

 I did a big order from Craft house when they were having a sale the other week. New albums and page inserts. 
Most the the photos are 6x4 but there are many large photos so I had to get crafty with the pages I brought.

I need to figure out the best way for a few hundred + photos to me to transfer the information written on the back of frames and put all the photos in some sort of order.

I'm off to get started all the albums upon albums that await me. 

And I'm still chugging along with my weekly Project Life pages- I just love how much the boys love to see photos and reminisce over the years.

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I've made a few quilts

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I've been bogging now for 4 years. 4 years is a relatively small time to be blogging but for me blogging has been a great way to keep track of our family and all the projects I've embarked on and things I've created and made with love.

I just love seeing all these quilts. Some are mini quilts and some are queen sized quilts.
They all start off as a drawing- a few pencil lines on paper- ideas and a vision of colours and importantly keeping in mind the purpose and who it's being made for.

Of these quilts I've made I have a few that I've made for us and they keeping us warm and are very loved- and they make great tents for the boys. 
There are quilts made as custom orders, baby shower gifts, quilts made for family and friends, mini quilts for swaps.

There is something special about a quilt. Purposeful and practical. 
I know that hand made items item can be seen as cheap but trust me the hours spent choosing fabric, ironing, cutting, sewing, basting, hand quilting, binding making, hand sewing is a labour of love and care. 
It's so worth every minute to see the smile and know the recipient appreciates the gift made just for them.

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Nerdy Mug Rug Swap

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I signed up for #nerdymugrugswap on Instagram. My swap partner had a list of likes - All kinds of geeky TV and films! Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly, X Files, Batman, X Men, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit are just a few of my favourites.

I found this Tardis pattern online and made my first attempt at paper piecing

This was a slow and satisfying process- lots of ironing and sewing

Its always nice to see that what you sew looks like the pattern (mostly does)

I have now posted the swap parcel to my swap partner...it was received with many many thank you's, I'm so glad the recipient loves it!

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80 squares and many many triangles

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A lovely friend from craft group had a baby last October (this quilt has been a long time coming). I really wanted to make her a quilt for her boy. I knew exactly what I wanted to make (and this amazingly looks exactly like my original drawing)

The fabrics I choose are very modern and not too babyish or all from the same range- just modern bright fabrics. The plan homespun colours break up the prints. The Kona Ash grey is just a beautiful. 

I hand quilted using co-ordinating DMC colours to the fabrics I choose- just enough to hold the layers together and add some visual interest.

I just love how it came together and it's now got a new home 
with little boy who it was made for. A quilt just for him. xx

Last year I made this scrap quilt for another craft group baby.
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quietly working away

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There have been a few hard frosts to start our days and I have been soaking up every second of sunshine I can find and wrapping up warm to head out into the cold and grey days.

There have been many days and evenings spent in front of the fire.

I always find winter doesn't seem to feel very productive, but I've been slowly crossing projects off my list of things to do.
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winter is here

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It getting much cooler in the afternoons once the sun goes down which results in the most beautiful sunsets.

Its been onesie and woolly hat weather, while we play games in front of the fire.

Its been so nice watching the yellow leaves being blown off our trees- these leaves of course look like corn chips- according to Master W.

 We spent an afternoon raking them into a pile making the most of the warm wind and dry leaves.

Now we are looking forward to the shortest day as we head into the depths of winter and the boys really really want to see snow this year (fingers crossed)

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saying yes

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I've actively been aware of saying yes the past few weeks. 
It 's very easy to say no out of convenience and frustration.

I've of course said yes to some strange and also lots of very normal logical daily requests.

Yes you can wear shorts on a freezing morning
I may feel cold and want you to wear more clothes but you need to feel comfortable

Yes you can feed the cat
responsibility isn't just one time thing, the cat expects to be fed and remembering a few hours late is okay

Yes I can help set up a game
and games have rules and you have to play fair

Yes we can all play hide and seek
and I can't remember the last time I actually played at a park and had so much fun

Yes we can play cricket in the dark
playing together his more fun taking turns and of course you don't get to play when you walk off in a huff

Yes you can wear 2 sets of PJs to bed
they sure are fun to wear but you now know that they made you feel very hot

Yes you can paint just before dinner and using the special paint
I love how you show me the new painting techniques you learnt at school today 

Yes we can sit down together and draw
and no what you create wont ever be the same is mine- we are all different and that makes us unique

Yes you can help bring in the wood
this requires listening where there is a system of doing something while helping someone else

Yes we can rake the leaves into a pile
I know how important simple family traditions are

Yes we can have a family movie night when you have school tomorrow
spontaneously having family time requires a little more forward planning

Yes you can buy and icecream
buying something from someone you don't know is hard and takes skill....eye contact, a clear firm voice, awareness of money and using manners is all a learnt skill

I can clearly see the mess free and a much quicker and more efficient way to do most things and yes sometimes the ten million times I've repeated my self makes me right but these are all teaching moments.....

Fun is to be had with a yes. 

And no I'm not throwing all caution and boundaries to the wind.

I'm just taking more time to be aware of all the possible yes moments. Teaching moments. Watching and enjoying my boys grow and learn and become independent moments.
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