Name Bage and gift Swap


I had been busy helping the team organise the Bloggers connecting weekend. One part of the weekend was a name badge and $5 gift swap with an assigned swap partner. I had the lovely Leonie from kiwiatheart who is also behind kiwimummyblogs and now KiwiBloggers.

I was so exited to (meet her) give her the gift and name badge. Both I made in less than a few hours. I spotted this awesome fabric at the make cafe . I sewed in a zip to make a bag (this is why I am feeling rather proud) the zip actually works!


 and for the name badge.... I started with this....

 to create this awesome name badge (and yes I made a bunting)!!

It was so awesome to give Leonie her name badge (and a big hug) and she was more than happy to wear it all day (Hooray) and I hope she finds great uses for her zipped bag.

Check out the cute name badge I had made for me! Thanks Leonie!!

I will make sure I do a blog post or a few about the Bloggers connecting weekend. (It was an awesome weekend!!)
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  1. Hi! Lovely to meet you over the weekend. Thanks so much for an amazing time :) Lisa xx

  2. Both your name badges were AWESOME! you had a great swap happening! x

  3. Loved your name badge and swap! Great work - on all fronts xxx

  4. Great skills with the bag! And for once...I love bunting!

  5. Thank you so much Treena!! I love my name badge and I want to wear it all the time! lol.
    And I love the pouch!!! its going to be my 'crochet on the go' bag to take little projects along with me.
    So loved meeting you x

  6. I love both your name badges, especially the teeny tiny bunting!!!!!
    Lovely to meet you in the weekend too, of course! This has definitely inspired me to want to become more involved in the Chch bloggers community! :)

  7. I hope that Leonie appreciates how painful it was for you to make bunting ;-)
    Love both your nametags- great swap!

  8. what a great swap...those badges were cute! wish i had time to have talked a bit more to you did so well with making the weekend awesome for all of us....I bet you pooped though after!

  9. It was so good meeting you :) And such a relief that the camera just had a flat battery and wasn't broken! I'm unsure how we both didn't think that it would've been a flat battery and assumed it was broken, haha! I love the bunting on the name tag you made, how adorable! :)

  10. Awesome name badges. I like to wear it.....They are stylish,fashionable and more useful...Stylish Name Badges in Perth


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