knitting socks on 2 needles

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I am attempting my first pair of knitted socks on two needles. 

I am using 4ply merino in navy blue and will make them to fit Master B. 

I'm feeling rather proud having successfully followed the pattern so far.

They are growing quickly with all my knit one row purl one row. They will be identical when I finish with me doing them both at the same time and it means i'm more likely to finish the pair. Now to figure out the heel on the socks.
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Project Life 2014 Week Twenty-one

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This week I have lots of photos of the weather. Its been warm, windy and cold.  The boys loved playing in the raked pile of leaves.

We have had the fire on most nights. It was so nice to PL in front of the fire.

Week 21

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we are doing the 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do) #1

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We took turns guessing what it would taste and feel like with the battery on our tongue.

The boys had no trouble putting the battery on their tongue and even asked to try it again.

Me on the other hand wasn't so convinced (some might even say I was being a chicken) took a while to get the courage to try it....

BUT I did put my tongue on it!!

It was an interesting sensation and we each described it differently
Me - Tastes like a metal spoon and felt like a spark
Master B - Tastes like a spoon and feels like a sting
Master W- It tickles and feels like a hole in my tongue
Mr B- Tastes bitter

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scrap quilt

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I love making quilts and when our craft group put together a bucket for Maria filled with everything pink- I thought I could whip something up for her. It was so nice to make a quilt with fabric I had in my stash.

It was so lucky to have such a nice assortment of fabrics- not all pink and girly.

It was so nice to frame the blocks in cream fabric.

I found it so hard choosing the fabric for the binding..... found it- bright pink and lime spots.

I made the binding from the fq of fabric and cream fabric.

This quilt now has a new home with this lovely who is waiting on baby to arrive.

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Project Life 2014 Week Twenty

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I'm already at week 20....getting close to it being half way through the year. The weather has been mild. Its so amazing watching the leaves fall off the trees and the bright pink glowing skies in the mornings.

I really like the colours in this photo with the trees in our backyard as the sun is setting.

Week 20

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we are doing the 50 Dangerous things (you should let your children do) #9

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We had all the ingredients we needed in the cupboard- cider vinegar, baking soda, water and paper towels.

We used a large baking tray to keep any mess we made contained. We all took turns at guessing what would happen. I guessed the bag would break and cause a leak before anything happened. Everyone else was very optimistic and guessed we would get an explosion and it would make a mess everywhere.

We watched and waited after putting everything in the ziplock bag....

 and waited....

and waited....

and waited as the bag slowly expanded...

and nothing really happened so we all agreed it was time to start a new bag with the same ingredients and use a tissue instead of a paper towel.

This time it was much quicker as the bag expanded....

and we got a POP as it expanded to full capacity and the the seal of the zip lock bag at the top burst open! We got the pop we were waiting for!

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