Where I Am Right Now- August

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Making : dinner with help

Cooking : easy dinners

Drinking : hot water

Reading: Harry Potter

Wanting: more sunshine and less rain

Looking: more like a responsible grown up

Playing: string games

Deciding: what to wear each morning for work

Wishing: for more patience

Enjoying: finished projects

Waiting: for more crafty time

Liking: my comfy new shoes 

Wondering: how easy it would be to make onion rings like this at home

Loving: hugs

Pondering: how to make things easier when life is a little chaotic

Considering: buying a new bag

Watching: football

Hoping: this doesn't all sell so I can keep them

Marvelling: at my two monkey moos!

Needing: a few more hours in the day to craft

Smelling: all the flowers

Wearing: layers

Following: the Olympics

Noticing: How well Master B did in his presentation

Knowing: simple projects bring great satisfaction

Thinking: I need to find another book to read

Feeling: grateful spring is just around the corner

Admiring: my beautiful new niece

Buying: work clothing

Getting: used to our new routines

Bookmarking: knitting projects

Opening: packages Mr B orders

Giggling: at how awesome I am

Feeling: a little disappointed it didn't snow here

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