Happy 11th Birthday

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Monkey Moo you are 11 today!
I feel like 11 years has gone by so fast.

with lots of things having changed in the past year

new school, new house, new friends

and we are so thankful you are taking this in your stride

You still really enjoy walking the dog

with Starwars being your favourite movie at the moment

You do enjoy the challenge of chess

You are growing in height fast!

You are tough as nails

Master W is a great friend when you both agree 

You really enjoy looking at photographs

but not so much having your photograph taken at the moment

I'm so pleased you know how to vaccumm

You seemed to enjoy shopping for furniture unlike your brother

You do enjoy eating all the food all the time

and playing board games is fun till someone leaves in a huff

I know where to find you... with your nose is a book reading

You seem perfectly happy in your own space

you are not really a morning person (and that's okay)

and really enjoy the slow starts to the weekend

Life is all about Lego

We make a great team!

Monkey Moo we love you to the moon in back in giant technic
mack truck 


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