8 years old

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Master B is 8 today! I look at my baby and wonder when he got so big and grown up.

Every morning when you wake your hair looks so messy but you don't mind at all.

You have started avoiding having your photo taken which of course makes it more fun to try and take your photo.

You are so adventurous and will give anything a go- even a waterside down a hill head first!

You have grown a few cm's over the holidays- its all the food, and sunshine!!

One day very soon you will be taller than me!

You are loving scootering and biking everywhere at the moment and enjoying the responsibility of using your very own lock.

You love to create everything you can with cardboard, glue, paper, tape, pens and paint.

I love finding your amazing lego creations in strange places around the house

I love the serious faces you pull even when I try and give you hugs and kisses.

I treasure our random assortment of family photos.

You make me laugh so much when you make yourself into a robot!

You are getting so good at playing UNO.

I love listening to you read aloud.

You are enjoying all the captain underpants books. 

We hope you enjoy all your birthday lego and will be waiting to see what awesome creations you come up with. 

Happy 8th Birthday Master B. We love you to the moon in back in a lego spaceship xxx

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