7 years old

Master B today you are 7 years old! Here are my posts from the last few years 6th Birthday and 5th Birthday.

Today I give you big hugs and kisses (and yes you protest and try and squirm away) and I see my blue eyed blonde haired baby who is growing up so fast!!

You still pull the funniest faces

Colouring in together is fun

You don't mind me playing with your hair and brushing it to one side

You love your goggles- and are so glad Santa brought you a pair for Christmas

I'm constantly amazed at the creations you can build!

You love to read and also love to listen to Mr B read to you

You are growing but Master W is catching up to you- its all that food, sunshine and sleep that's making you both grow

Hiding in the couch cushions is still a fun game

I love finding notes and pictures under my pillow

You like adventure and of course- sand and water

 the times you play so nicely with your brother are wonderful

I love those moments you want a hug.

Happy Birthday Master B! lots of love from us!
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  1. Happy 7th Birthday Master B and I love that you have your Mamas infectious smile


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