6 Years old!!

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Today Master B turns six. 6 years old! I blogged about his 5th Birthday last year.

Master B 1 day old

My baby is now a six year boy who is so creative and full of life and so very brave!I am savoring the hugs and kisses and hand holding for as long as possible.

I feel so very proud of him.
He is a wonderful big brother (when they don't want the same thing at the same time)

He brings so much laughter and becoming so much like Mr B in personality 

He is my adorable cheeky monkey

And so funny when he pulls faces in photos

and looks adorable when trying not to pull a face

He can also be so serious and grown up

Photo taken by Mr B

He is also very adventurous and brave.

We are so very thankful to have this bright fun ball of energy in our family!

Happy 6th Birthday Master B. We love you. Enjoy your new bike and please don't grow up to quickly.

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