fabric + crochet

I brought fabric to start this quilt from The Make cafe

I found some cotton yarn from Knitworld

I found this quilt  for inspiration.

and made a start with 5 1/2'' blocks and sewing the cotton thread into the block before top stitching it closed

here are the 7 different fabrics

This one of my few attempts to get the corners nice and consistent....

but I have now settled on this.....

Getting the pile down slowly and now to decide how to join them together with the pink!

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  1. Looking great hey!
    It certainly isn't the easiest of patterns to follow but looks fab made up
    Looking forward to seeing yours finished

  2. That looks so very cool. You are so talented Treena-Marie

  3. So pretty! Looking forward to seeing it all done :)

  4. It's going to look amazing once it's finished. I'm hoping to make one similar with vintage sheeting.


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