New Year giveaway - WINNER!

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Okay! So I put everyone's names who left a comment into a random thing picker  the winner of this giveaway is.......

This will soon be in the post to you!!! Thanks again to everyone who left a comment to enter and thanks to some very talented friends who contributed to this New Year giveaway!
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Crochet mixed stripe blanket

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I've made a start on a this crochet stripe blanket after seeing the talented Sophie's blanket. Its growing quickly and its so nice to be able to use up left over yarn from Christmas projects.

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Project Life 2014 Week Four

Another week done!! I was very excited to see the postman deliver my washi tape order from Papervine.

I now have a system all worked out for finding photos for the week and printing them out. This week was 9 prints for under $2.  Thanks Picmonkey and this youtube video for a simple tutorial its now so much easier to choose photos and printing 2 pics the right size I need on 6x4 means less waste!

I am enjoying filling up the pages with photos and still having a 6x4 space for writing about our week. Can you guess what my favourite colour is??

Week 4

Its such a great feeling to be up to date....the folder is slowly filling up!
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New Year giveaway

I have an awesome giveaway to start the new year.

I have some very talented friends who have kindly donated something for this awesome giveaway- there is something for everyone!

Les Pommes Rouges- Art Caddy- includes crayons and paper.
Remember When You Used To Be A Rascal- 1m diameter storage and play mat and upcycled rain 
drop cushion.
Three Little Lords-Robot reading folder/book bag with snaps to close.
Creative Mama- Blue and aqua needle book with needles.
J'Dubz Jewellery- Two pairs of bezel earrings using cotton fabric and silver settings. contact via email

To enter this giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what you are looking forward to in 2014. I will pick a winner at random and then make contact for their postal details and they will be sent this awesome package of goodies. (this is open to Australia and NZ) Entries close at 6pm Friday 31th January 2014. 

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Project Life 2014 Week Three

I brought Design A page inserts for my album so I am having to think of creative ways to use photos that may not have been taken as a landscape- simple fix with the plain white 6x4 card and my new stamp.

I am loving all the photos of the boys at playgrounds and them with their friends. School holidays are such a fun time for them and I get to capture beautiful flowers from our garden in my new vase.

Week 3

 I'm very glad I keep the movie tickets from our visit this week.

I am really enjoying the date stamp- so simple and clean.
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month by month

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I started a few years ago a scrap book for each of the boys with the aim of capturing them growing up- a page per month each for 5 years!

This is something on my 30 before 30 list!
28. Finish the boys scrapbooks from birth to 5 years.

The end is in sight. I have had recently ordered the last 96 photos to complete Master W's pages and the last few for Master B.

Master B- October 2008
Master B- October 2010
Master B- January page
Master W- September 2009
Master W- September 2011
Master W- December  page

I feel so proud looking back over all the photos and its just amazing to see how fast the boys have grown. I have Master B's album done with all 66 pages with titles and photos. I just have 8 more pages for Master W's album to go. My plan is over the next few months to go back and write a few things on each page ( most pages have a space free for this) but I am super happy with all the I have done so far! It nice getting this done so I can focus on my Project Life album in 2014.
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new summer top

I have seen this top made on a few blogs recently . I loved the simple style and the instructions for the pattern (you can also buy the actual pattern if you didn't want to print/cut out the pattern) was very easy to follow.

I purchased it and printed it out and stuck together. I made the top a size M but only took 1/2 inch seam allowance for the french seams. I did enjoy all the french seams- the total of 4 seams and binding was super easy compared to all that I did for the hexagon quilt.

It was super quick to make when I actually sat down and spent some time on it.

It fits really well and I really like the length and cut. Perfect for summer!

Now to find a nice fabric to make this pattern as the dress.
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Project Life 2014 Week Two

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I have been slowly buying items to add to my already full scrap booking stash.

I have been making sure to take the actual camera everywhere with us- phone camera photos are okay but camera one have a much better print quality.

 Week two

I am  keeping a note book of our weekly events more as a memory back up of  things that have happened (planning ahead just in case I  get a few weeks behind) this helps me in writing about our week.

Week two was pretty easy and quick to put together. Still loving all the rounded corners and the awesome date stamp!
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Project Life 2014 Cover page + Week One

It has been a great week with post arriving (all the small things I ordered to get started). I figured out how to get the small two 3x4 photos to print 6x4 size (hooray for less printing waste). Thanks Picmonkey and this youtube video for a simple tutorial.

I was surprised how quick it was to sit down, corner punch photos, write up a few cards with the weeks happenings and get a week done!
 2014 cover page

Week one 

I am really enjoying rounding all my corners. The challenge will be recording our memories with me writing about our week and limiting the total number of photos per page. Its so satisfying seeing a full week done so quickly!

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Project Life 2014 getting started!!

Its a new year so I thought it would be a great time to start a new project! I have already started and am about 80% done the boys scrapbooks so nearly finished around 129 pages. That's one page per month from birth to 5 years with a few extra like their first day of school.

This is Project life -a simple way to scrapbooking and keep memories. I brought a packet of photo pocket pages and a mini kit- Polka dot party.

My plan is to do an open page spread per week. This is the start of the cover page. 

I have discovered PicMonkey- free photo editing software. And ordered photos for the first week!!

I am now waiting for the post man to deliver a few things to really get started!!!
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