Project Life 2014 getting started!!

Its a new year so I thought it would be a great time to start a new project! I have already started and am about 80% done the boys scrapbooks so nearly finished around 129 pages. That's one page per month from birth to 5 years with a few extra like their first day of school.

This is Project life -a simple way to scrapbooking and keep memories. I brought a packet of photo pocket pages and a mini kit- Polka dot party.

My plan is to do an open page spread per week. This is the start of the cover page. 

I have discovered PicMonkey- free photo editing software. And ordered photos for the first week!!

I am now waiting for the post man to deliver a few things to really get started!!!
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  1. I'll share mine too, I think I'll post each week with my finished spread. Still not feeling very creative, I'm scared mine's just going to look like a photo album!


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