A new friend

To keep the cost down for those out of towners for the weekend we (Christchurch bloggers) had people billeted and stay in their homes. I had Melissa from the best nest come and stay with us while she came to the Bloggers Connecting weekend.

Melissa really appreciated the flannel sheets on the bed. You can see her post here. We have them all year round at our house.

The boys thought having Melissa stay was the best! They had so much to tell her and she was great with the boys- listening and so excited to here all about their day and of course she knows so much about dinosaurs.

I felt very spoilt to get my very own Antler necklace!

I am so very glad Melissa was brave and come to stay and so awesome with the boys and not minding the early morning starts to the day!
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Photo Friday

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Mr B and Master B enjoying the view.Its Friday!!!

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Bloggers Connecting weekend

What an awesome experience to be a part of. The team of organisers and everyone who helped were AMAZING!!!! A weekend where 60+ bloggers from around New Zealand came together, to meet up, chat; share skills, learn from each other, eat, crochet, knit, sew, ask questions; and for many visit and come to a new city to meet people who's blog they read.

I really enjoyed the name badge swap with Leonie

And we had the most awesome goodie bags thanks to Sophie and the team getting them sorted and all a HUGE THANKS our wonderful sponsors!!

There is a linky dinky do page set up on the blog. I am enjoying reading each persons recap and thoughts of the weekend. Many people enjoyed the photo booth and props and many of the props made by Holly.

I may have enjoyed the photo booth a little....

Me and Jen 
Me and Miriam
Me and Lauren
Me and Melissa
Juliet, Miriam and Me
Can you guess what year it is?
Miriam, Me, Juliet and Sophie
I found my self a little star struck with a few who have awesome blogs but most of all its about the real friendships and relationships I have made from this. That for me has been the best thing!!
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Photo Friday

Awesome friends! Happy Friday!

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Name Bage and gift Swap


I had been busy helping the team organise the Bloggers connecting weekend. One part of the weekend was a name badge and $5 gift swap with an assigned swap partner. I had the lovely Leonie from kiwiatheart who is also behind kiwimummyblogs and now KiwiBloggers.

I was so exited to (meet her) give her the gift and name badge. Both I made in less than a few hours. I spotted this awesome fabric at the make cafe . I sewed in a zip to make a bag (this is why I am feeling rather proud) the zip actually works!


 and for the name badge.... I started with this....

 to create this awesome name badge (and yes I made a bunting)!!

It was so awesome to give Leonie her name badge (and a big hug) and she was more than happy to wear it all day (Hooray) and I hope she finds great uses for her zipped bag.

Check out the cute name badge I had made for me! Thanks Leonie!!

I will make sure I do a blog post or a few about the Bloggers connecting weekend. (It was an awesome weekend!!)
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Photo Friday

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Its all go!!! Bloggers from around New Zealand coming together for an awesome weekend! Check out Bloggers Connecting to see what we have planned for the weekend!

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A woolen hat or two

I noticed the boys winter hats are on the small side.

I brought wool to crochet them a new hat each. The wool was on sale so I brought 8ply 100% wool in 2 different colours for each hat.

I choose grey and dark blue for Master B.

 A Master W choose himself the green and bright blue.

I made up the pattern as I went. Making them both at the same time made it pretty easy and quick. Less than a day and they are both finished.

 How cute are my two! Now they are set for winter, warm heads and new hats!

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Photo Friday

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Love the cheeky smile! Happy Friday!

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dough fun

The boys have a lot of playdoh, we have been collecting it for the past few years and they LOVE it. They spend hours creating, building and making a mess.

I started making dough biscuits and ice blocks and peas

but then Master B decided he needed more yellow so back into the pile went my biscuits and ice blocks to make into more shapes.

lots pf pattern making, creating, squishing and rolling....

I do love how simple dough is and how versatile it is for the boys to play and create anything we want!
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Its Easter!

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This Easter we have had a nice long weekend at home. An extra long weekend Friday-Tuesday on holiday!

On Friday we went to an Easter service, ate hot cross buns then went to Sumner Beach. The boys loved it.....water, sand, sticks, shells and a boat beached on the sand.

Saturday the boys enjoyed an Easter craft morning at The Make Cafe. Decorating biscuits and creating bunnies and chickens.

bunnies and chickens

Last Easter we had an Easter egg hunt with lego inside.We have started a family tradition. I love how you have lots of bits all spread out and as you work together it all comes together to create something better than a pile of bits and it becomes complete. I do hope it teaches our boys they do need each other and others to work together and more importantly they have each other. I love that they know its not all about the chocolate. The hot cross buns and empty eggs have meaning.

lego filled eggs

An Easter filled with love, hope and sunshine!
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