A woolen hat or two

I noticed the boys winter hats are on the small side.

I brought wool to crochet them a new hat each. The wool was on sale so I brought 8ply 100% wool in 2 different colours for each hat.

I choose grey and dark blue for Master B.

 A Master W choose himself the green and bright blue.

I made up the pattern as I went. Making them both at the same time made it pretty easy and quick. Less than a day and they are both finished.

 How cute are my two! Now they are set for winter, warm heads and new hats!

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  1. they look so cosy and warm - love them x

  2. Cute! Love the bright green that Master W chose.

  3. So warm and cosy
    Thinking I need private crochet lessons from you - What are your plans - let say 'this weekend' squeeeeeeee

  4. Yay nice and warm! and so fast!!


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