Photo Friday

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Its Easter Weekend.  Check out what we did last year to celebrate!

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The gift of a crochet blanket

I have previously posted about other ways new babies can be supported, the ones who decide to come early and spend time in NICU units.

I have come across Sands who support families who have lost a baby at any stage a little life, not a little loss. On Facebook they ask for volunteers to crochet or knit blankets that are placed in memory boxes that get given to parents.  

I brought some wool.... 8 ply 100% wool in cream, blue and pink

I enjoy sitting in the sun crocheting and watching how they grow so quickly....

....till the blanket is 24" square

All ready to be to start another one with a pink trim.
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Photo Friday


Enjoying the bright colours of lego. They look so good when they are not one big mixed up mess. Happy Friday!

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Bead fun together

Master W and I found the container of beads and pipe cleaners.

we searched for the beads we liked the best

We made patterns on the pipe cleaners- they make great bracelets!
We made up a game- the matching game. Master W would put down a row of beads and I would have to search in the pile of beads for one that matched. Master W loved finding the beads that were not quite like the other ones.

Look his look of "see that's how we do it"

I just love the time we spend together and of course making up games together and changing the rules as we go is pretty fun also.
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Scrap Block quilts

I have been using my scraps to create quilts. This means lots of sewing and ironing.

I made these two smaller quilts that are so versatile and can be used as a play mat, bassinet quilt or a cute addition to a little girls bed.

Love how they turned out. They are listed on felt here and here.

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Photo Friday


This week I have celebrated my birthday. I feel so blessed to have a wonderful family and amazing friends!!! Happy Friday!

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Post arrived!

I sent my scrap bag swap to Tartankiwi organised by Nin from Make Life Beautiful

I was so excited to see the post man had left a package at my door. Inside it was a beautiful bag and scraps from Jenny at Mend and Make new

And I just love the stamping on each pile of scraps....very sweet!

I am so excited to see what I can do with all these wonderful scraps. Thanks Jenny!!
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Drawing a little

One thing I miss since having the boys is the time/creative energy and inspiration to paint and draw. I have found that other things like sewing, crocheting, baking and being creative and crafting in other ways has become so much easier around daily family stuff.
I do make sure we do other craft/creative things with the boys and they love it!

We brought some nice drawing paper and sat down together and drew.....

Master B's pirate map
Master W's banana
my drawing
Is there a craft or something you miss doing?
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Photo Friday

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Love good storage! Happy Friday

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Creative Robots

Master B turned 6. We celebrated his birthday with a Robot Themed Party.

I thought it would be an awesome activity to have the children who came to the party make their very own robots.

We went to Creative Junk  and filled a bag.

Check out all the goodies from the bag.

I found awesome kits that would be perfect for Master B's birthday party activity.

We set up a building station

and they built.....

And created awesome robots

Mr W with his robot
Master B with his robot

I also made a robot photo board for everyone to have their photos


The wonderful thing about all this stuff is its reusable and so helps the boys be creative and we are using recycled materials!

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