Christmas Encraftment Market

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Come and check out Christmas Encraftment! 

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where I am right now- November

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Making : Christmas Angels

Cooking : bbq for dinner

Drinking : lots of water 

Reading: the weather reports

Wanting: Mr B's ring to be fixed asap

Looking: forward to construction starting

Playing: games with the boys

Deciding: on my Encraftment Market table layouts

Wishing: for more date nights with Mr B

Enjoying: the glow in the evening skies

Waiting: for our garden to be in full bloom so we can enjoy all the fruit and vegetables

Liking: all the video's left by Master B on the camera about lego

Wondering: why the camera can't just auto rotate photos for me

Loving: friends coming to visit

Pondering: how on earth the garage was still standing after all the eq's given how damaged it was

Considering: what exterior lights to buy

Watching: grand designs nz

Hoping: for a week of sunshine

Marvelling: at how fast the boys are growing

Needing: rest

Smelling: the flowers

Wearing: protective gear to remove the garage

Following: so many awesome crafters on Instagram

Noticing: all the close ups of the dog

Knowing: these two are my world

Thinking: this is a great time to year with lighter warmer evenings

Feeling: proud of this quilt

Admiring: the awesome photos the boys leave on the camera

Buying: storage solutions

Getting: over a cold

Bookmarking: christmas card options

Opening: wrapping paper to wrap Christmas gifts

Giggling: at how many screws this child stashed in his pockets while sorting

You can find the list here
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