I signed up for NZMugSwap2013. The idea for this swap is the package you send to your assigned person must include a cup or mug depending if they drink tea or coffee and send to before the 1st October

I have my items all wrapped up and ready to post to my person. 

I will be doing another post when my parcel arrives so I can share what I sent and received! 
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Blessing Deb - Auction Call out!

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So its been just three days since we spread the word of Blessing Deb with her dream machine,
and already we have raised the total of  $722!

Isn't that AMAZING!! We have been totally blown away by all your generosity......and that's almost a third of our goal!

But we've been thinking, we would love to run an auction to enable us to get even closer to our target of $3000!

What do you think?  
Do you have something you could offer as part of a package? 
Maybe its a service?
or goods? or even some kind of handmade loveliness!

We would love you to get in touch with us, which you can do via Facebook or please leave a comment ( just make sure you email is connected to your blog so I can reply or please leave it in the comments ) 

And lets get this ball rolling! Share/ Twitter/ Instagram
please spread the word!   
I know we can make it happen :)
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Photo Friday

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I recently became an Aunt! LOVE the smell of a new born. 

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Lemon truffles

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We have lots of lemons at the moment so I went searching for a recipe. I found this raw lemon and coconut truffles.

They were so easy to make - put all the ingredients in the food processor and no baking. I used a table spoon measurement to make sure all the balls were the same size before rolling them in coconut.

They were softer than I expected even when I put them in the freezer for a few hours so next time I may add butter rather than coconut oil. But they were delicious and there are now non left! WIN!

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Blessing Deb

Can I let you in on a secret?

There's a very special lady who, even though she is a busy mum, a loving wife and is currently back at school, she consistently spends her time and energy blessing others.

You may already read Debs blog, Works in Progress.
But if you haven't visited before, trust me you won't be disappointed.

You'll find a beautifully written posts, full of wisdom and life's observations, as well as gorgeous quilts to drool over!

 Speaking of quilts, Deb is very generous and has been known to surprise people who are in need of a big hug by gifting them one of her beautifully made quilts.

Giving quilt hugs, that are loving and warm and provide a sense that these people are not alone in dark times.

You can read about some of those special stories hereherehere and here, only to name a few.

But the kicker is that after cutting, pinning and sewing these quilt tops together, Deb pays out of her own pocket for them to be professionally quilted. Her trusty Bernina, just isn't up to the job!

After a secret fact finding mission was completed, we found out that what Deb really would love is a Juki! 

 Deb has been heard to describe it as "a magic machine" one which means that she could make more quilts. Which is a good thing- RIGHT?! 

And this is where we want YOU to get involved....

We think that since Deb has blessed so many, it's about time that the giver is blessed back!

Our goal is to raise $3000 to buy Deb her dream machine! Then she'll be able to continue to give to others without breaking the bank! 

We've set up a Facebook page to keep you up to date with how far we're getting towards our goal, and if you're keen to help, we'd appreciate if you donated whatever you can spare into the following account.

03 1592 0638896 00 Westpac
 T Aldridge & J Van der Heijden 

For overseas people who want to deposit, we have set up a Paypal option.

Please spread the word!
 and grab the following badge

Blessing Deb
Your Choice...Twitter....Instagram ( #BlessingDebnz ), and Facebook!

And remember even the smallest contribution counts!

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On Fathers Day we headed to the beach to play in the sand. I came prepared with a change of clothes for the boys in the car. Sago enjoyed the sand and fresh air- she's still not super keen on the water.

The smiles ended when Master B decided he was wet, cold and sandy.

And Master W had filled his gumboots with water.

Now trying to remove gumboots off his feet proved to be harder than we thought as they were full of water and he was wearing socks. We have now banned gumboot wearing from the beach.

A very memorable Fathers Day!
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Photo Friday


Looking forward to the house painting to be complete....bye bye apricot trims and doors.

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scrap wool hexagons

I had wool left over from other projects so I started making hexagons using the wool I had but ran out of aqua so kindly asked hollymayb if I could raid her stash of wool to find a few other colours like blue, pink and yellow so none of hexagons would be the same.

I started not having a plan but soon figured out it would make an awesome hexagon hot water bottle cover

It didn't take very long to make with the hexagons

The longest part was stitching up all the ends for the 25 hexagons each with 4 colour changes! Hindsight tells me to crochet the ends in as you go.

After not finding a pattern and asking a few fellow bloggers for ideas. I came up with my own pattern. I plan on making a tutorial for my join as you go hexagon hot water bottle cover.

Love it now its finished. A perfect way to use up the wool that's not enough for a whole project.

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The Linen Project

The Make Cafe had a winter warmer challenge called the Linen Project

These are the fabrics I brought for the challenge. I decided to make something I needed - all the fabric soon became a crochet hook holder book.

I enjoyed adding the stitching detail that is very 'Zakka'. The Pintrest board had some great ideas.

I really like how it turned out and its handy for holding scissors, crochet hooks and a current crochet project.
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Photo Friday

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Starting a new project! Hooray its Friday!

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The Sisterhood- Ninja bake 2013

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Registrations are open for The Sisterhood- Ninja bake 2013.

All of this baking and ninja delivering will happen on the 18th or 19th OctoberThis is a 2 part process- the registrations are open for those who want to bake and then the nominations are open the 1st-7th October 2013 to nominate those who you want to bless with baking of some kind delivered to them ninja style!

I was very excited to be a part of this last year. You can read my blog post here

I have registered to bake this year *excited* If you have some time, can bake or want to show someone else some love please register!!
I now need to find delicious recipes to try out/ test first before I get baking!

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Crafty Road Trip

I am part of a weekly craft group. A group who have gathered together to craft, chat and eat chocolate. But for me this group has wise women who have stories to share, knowledge to spread and just awesome women who each week get together.

We decided to do something fun- so we took a road trip last month.

The 6 of us (not everyone was free to make it on our road trip) headed off at 8.30am on a Saturday morning- child free and ready for an adventure. We headed south and drove to The Tin Shed in Geraldine and then into Geraldine town centre for morning tea and browsing the main street.

We booked a table for lunch at Verde Cafe Deli just off the main street and it was a great meal.

We did a spot of shopping in Geraldine and then headed back to Ashburton and stopped off at Annie's County Quilt Store

I may have found a large container of scrap fabric for sale and after looking through it all I was very happy with my fabric finds for the day.

Before we headed back we stopped off at Ashfords in Ashburton

Enjoyed one last coffee of the day and then headed home. It was a great day with awesome friends. Now to get on to planning our Op-shopping day!
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bye bye carpet

We had eqc repairs done in June/July which required us being out of our house for 5 weeks. We took advantage of this time with them repairing all the cracks and we had a few extra things done to our home at our expense while we were already moved out. This post has LOTS of photos!

Two of the biggest changes happened aside from painting the whole house was taking up the carpet and polishing the wooden floors and replacing the kitchen.

The kitchen process was great to see. It was bye bye 50's cupboards, floral wallpaper, cream carpet and the random space after the 2 fireplaces were taken down that was home to the fridge.

We spent a few months working with Kiwi Kitchens working out the best way to get a functioning kitchen in the space we had. It was so nice to see it all being ripped out.

We had to wait for for the floor to be laid and the plastering/ painting/ electrician and plumber to be done before we saw anything that looked like a kitchen.

So bye bye carpet and hello easy to clean planking for the kitchen floor!

Now we have a fully functioning kitchen with a nice rangehood, dishwasher dish drawer's and its so much easier to bake and use my amazing kitchen. 

Before we moved out we ripped up all the carpet in the house. I don't miss the floral carpet that was different in each room.

We got professionals floor sanders Christchurch Floor Sanding in after the house had been painted

We discovered as they were sanding that the floors are white pine not Rimu. This turned out to be great as the floors are not dark like the skirting, doors, windows in the house.

The floors looked wow after the 1st coat of varnish. All the wooden floors had 3 coats total.

Lounge floor
Master bedroom looking down the hallway

Front door
Boys room
Boys enjoying finding all the toys while unpacking
Its so awesome to have the wooden floors. Its so easy to vacuum and mop the obvious tumble weeds of dust and fluff that accumulate behind doors and furniture and its great to know its all gone and not hiding in 50 year old carpet! We haven't found the floors cold (we already had insulation under the floors)

Master bedroom

Boys room
And the trim around the fireplace looks great with the floor!

So after lots of changes and stress its so nice to be home and enjoying our home and the boys are loving how easy it is to drive cars over the floors. Wooden floors are a win for everyone!

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