Striped Rainbow Quilt continued

I now have a very long 30 meters of rainbow fabrics sewn together for the striped rainbow quilt.

strips ironed and cut
I decided to sew the strips directly on to the batting

The great thing with this rainbow quilt is I am just using fabrics I already had (and possible buying a few more) after having a good long look at my stash and finding fabrics that fit with this quilt being a more unconventional rainbow.

The basic colours I have are grey - white - pink - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - purple - brown 

I am yet to decide how exactly the back will look but this is growing pretty quick. Hope to have it finished very soon!!!

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Boxes complete

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As a family this year we are filling boxes as Christmas gifts for other children. Operation Christmas Child Samaritan's purse

Using the lists provided we filled the boxes.....

Master W helping pack the boxes

We did 2 girl boxes and 2 boy boxes!

After a few weeks of getting them filled we have them done! We hope these boxes bless other children and will bring a smile to them at Christmas.

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Photo Friday

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My latest op shop find-a rocking chair. Its in need of a re cover! Happy Friday.

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With my first market  done, my talented friend  decided it would be a good idea to do two markets on the same day but with the plan to split our stuff and each do a market - I would do the New Beginnings market  and her the Encraftment Market 

We did a table layout a few days before and also prepared for plan B- as rain was forecast for the day and the New Beginnings market was outside.

table set up a few days before

After only having 3 hours sleep and a child unwell I got up Saturday sleep deprived, drizzle, a hint of clear sky and large dark rain clouds rained cats and dogs that day! You can see a photo here of the New Beginnings Market.

We used plan B and both were at Encraftment market

plan B table layout

It was a good day if you minus the rain and not being able to do a market due to the weather *sad face*. New Beginnings will be back again on the 1st December!

I have a few things left listed on felt 

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6 years!

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Time sure does fly! Last year we took time away  with the boys for our wedding Anniversary. This year we got to spend 2 days alone in Akaroa earlier in the month.

us overlooking Akaroa

And us 6 years ago October 22nd 2006 

And ever since we have hundreds of photos of me and Mr B together....

I am looking forward to hundreds and thousands more photos and memories of our life together! 

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Photo Friday


I crocheted more dishcloths. They look so pretty at the kitchen sink! Happy Friday
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Master B has a school growing competition of sunflowers. I thought it would be fun to grow us each one as a family. We are enjoying watching them growing on our kitchen windowsill.
Master B after a week

Master W after a week

growth in the 2nd week of the school holidays
Master B has 2 growing from his one seed......Lets hope it survives being put in a larger pot in a few days.

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Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my blog post .

Giveaway -Large pouch, small pouch, small hair ties and large hair tie!

I put everyone's names who left a comment into a random thing picker  the winner of this giveaway is....... Miriam. This is in the post to you!!!

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment :D

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Loved the school holidays

I really do love the school holidays. Time with the boys and Mr B and I could wear my pjs all day and no one would know!

Mr B and myself took the first few days and had some time out alone and went to Akaroa

Us overlooking Akaroa
Mr B's parents came to stay and did an awesome job with the boys while we were away.

The boys got hair cuts



We enjoyed the sunshine

We went to on a road trip to Dunedin and the boys just love it on the farm!

we got dressed up for a wedding celebration in Dunedin.

Me and my wonderful husband
Once we got home and caught up on the washing after the weekend. We spent a day at Orana Park with school friends

Its was a  busy and fun school holidays. It was great making memories with the boys and as a family!

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