I want new cushion covers

I was on the hunt for cushion covers for our couch (currently very brown).
Found a few on etsy and after a little bit of time searching and capturing a few screen shots It was easy to come to a colour palette I wanted for our couch cushions.

It would have been far to easy just to order from the store on etsy. But honestly where is the fun in that? Who doesn't like a good sewing challenge- linen, zips, actual cushion inners.

Stitch was sadly closing up shop and after visiting with Master B I found some fabrics I really enjoy!!

The grey and linen look great with the couch and curtains we already have.


Does anyone have any awesome cushion zip placement tutorials that are tried and tested? And cushion inner vs just plain cushion fluff- whats the best way to go? 

Now to find some time to sew new cushion covers!

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recently with the boys

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Its been great to get out and enjoy the warmer weather we have had recently. Summer sports have started, athletics....busy busy last term of the year,

I do love looking back on these moments.
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Operation Christmas Child boxes 2014

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Each year we like to put together Operation Christmas Child boxes. We started this in 2012 with 4 boxes. Last year I got to be a part putting together 46 boxes!!!!

This year we picked up 4 boxes. Our aim again was to fill 2 boy boxes and 2 girl boxes.

Every year I am so thankful that we can as a family go out and purchase brand new items for each of these boxes. You might be thinking this is a very expensive exercise but honestly you can get some pretty awesome bargains while buying quality safe children's items.

Some ideas if you want to fill a box but restricted financially this time of the year - think about planning ahead- make a start earlier months of the year when stationary is on clearance, keep an eye out for sales over the year or fill a box as a group. So many options!

My boys love choosing items for the boxes- I think we have them all covered

* Something to love
* Something for school
* Something to wear
* Something to play with
* Something for personal hygiene
* Something special

Boy aged 5-9

Monster hand puppet, t-shirt, socks, car, puzzle, colour pencils, calculator, sharpener, erasers, ball, flannel, comb, soap, toothbrush, book, notebook, pencils and ruler

Boy aged 2-4

Boy hand puppet, ball, t-shirt, car, books, notebook, rattle, socks, erasers, sharpener, comb, ruler and pencils, toothbrush, flannel, soap, colour pencils

Girl aged 2-4

Girl hand puppet, Princess soft toy, stacking cups, puzzle, book, notebook, pencils, hair ties, pencils, erasers, sharpener, bangles, colour pencils, socks, ball, comb, soap, wash cloth, socks, toothbrush

Girl aged 5-9

Elephant hand puppet, Mermaid soft toy, pouch, hair ties, bangles, puzzles, note book, colour pencils, erasers, sharpener, pencils + ruler, calculator, comb, soap, wash cloth, socks, toothbrush

I just love that with these boxes you pay for the postage and you get a tracking number (I am excited to see where it will end up) will be going to a child and for them this could be the only time they receive a box full of gifts just for them!
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8 years!

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Today we are celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary. I love looking back at all our photos. 8 years of family and us!

Mr B, love you to the moon and back! xxxx
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I have been trying to find time to create. I am enjoying the time I have to sew and make. Its a fine line between blogging about being creative and actually sitting down to make something I really like.

It feels good to be creating, making and sewing again!

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Milestone Press Family Planner + giveaway!

Last year I posted about my Milestone Press Family Planner.  My Milestone Press Family Planner has been very well used again this year. It has been very handy at keeping track of our busy lives.

I always find it hard deciding on a colour each year. I choose Mediterranean Blue for my 2015 Family Planner colour.

 Here are all my Family planners since 2010. A pretty rainbow of organisation!!

This year the family planner has awesome functional features- firstly the elastic- it seriously holds everything I get in mine for the whole year and this includes all the extra note books and paper I fit in mine. It has spaces for birthday's, keeping track of meals and a month by month simple planner in the front.

A week page layout run's Monday to Sunday so you can see your week at a quick glance. It has an extra blank note book at the back  (great for notes and creative ideas)

The newest feature for 2015 is removable corner tabs. This is great to see where you are in the year (even after the page tab string is removed by little fingers)

Since I love my planner so much and after such interest last year I have one Master Plan 2014 Family Planner in the colour Squid Ink to give-away thanks to Milestone Press!
To enter this giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what you are looking forward to in 2015 here on this blog post or on this facebook post. I will pick a winner with a random picker and make contact for their postal details and they will be sent a Milestone Press Master Planner 2015 in the colour Squid Ink. (this is open to Australia and NZ only) Entries close at Midnight Friday 31st October 2014. (GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED)

(*Disclaimer- all views and opinions in this post are my own)

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a 6 year old's perspective

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fun op shop fabric

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I came across this fabric at our local op shop. It was only $2 for a few meters of coral cotton knit fabric. WIN!

I am using my Papercut Pattern for the Sloppy Josephine Tee. I used the pocket from the Undercover Hood Pattern

I added the pocket to the bottom hem.

Its so nice to (finally) be done and it fits so well and loving this colour for summer!

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hours of craft

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I found that setting up an activity centre in the lounge floor made for surprisingly a few hours of creative play for the boys.

I set up the possible activities with everything they would need for creating peg biplanes, painting and finger print art. I was well prepared with plastic on the floor, water, paint, paint brushes, ink, pads, paper, glue, pens and baby wipes. 90% of the items we already had at home. We only spent money on the biplane kits, a new paint brush each a pottle of mini paint from Make.

Firstly I showed the boys how to make a finger print using the ink pads and using a pen created a bird.

The boys loved this simple and easy it was to create a variety of animals, people and vehicles. 

They were able to paint the biplanes and while waiting continue with another crafts I had set up.

The biplanes required my help mainly for helping hold the parts in place before the glue. We were helped along with the sunshine drying the glue quickly.

A very fun afternoon of creating with not too much mess to clean up!
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still here

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We are currently enjoying the school holidays with many activities and playdates

while trying not to let the inconvenience of our sewerage and drains being done this week ruin the holidays. *sigh*
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