Operation Christmas Child boxes 2014

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Each year we like to put together Operation Christmas Child boxes. We started this in 2012 with 4 boxes. Last year I got to be a part putting together 46 boxes!!!!

This year we picked up 4 boxes. Our aim again was to fill 2 boy boxes and 2 girl boxes.

Every year I am so thankful that we can as a family go out and purchase brand new items for each of these boxes. You might be thinking this is a very expensive exercise but honestly you can get some pretty awesome bargains while buying quality safe children's items.

Some ideas if you want to fill a box but restricted financially this time of the year - think about planning ahead- make a start earlier months of the year when stationary is on clearance, keep an eye out for sales over the year or fill a box as a group. So many options!

My boys love choosing items for the boxes- I think we have them all covered

* Something to love
* Something for school
* Something to wear
* Something to play with
* Something for personal hygiene
* Something special

Boy aged 5-9

Monster hand puppet, t-shirt, socks, car, puzzle, colour pencils, calculator, sharpener, erasers, ball, flannel, comb, soap, toothbrush, book, notebook, pencils and ruler

Boy aged 2-4

Boy hand puppet, ball, t-shirt, car, books, notebook, rattle, socks, erasers, sharpener, comb, ruler and pencils, toothbrush, flannel, soap, colour pencils

Girl aged 2-4

Girl hand puppet, Princess soft toy, stacking cups, puzzle, book, notebook, pencils, hair ties, pencils, erasers, sharpener, bangles, colour pencils, socks, ball, comb, soap, wash cloth, socks, toothbrush

Girl aged 5-9

Elephant hand puppet, Mermaid soft toy, pouch, hair ties, bangles, puzzles, note book, colour pencils, erasers, sharpener, pencils + ruler, calculator, comb, soap, wash cloth, socks, toothbrush

I just love that with these boxes you pay for the postage and you get a tracking number (I am excited to see where it will end up) will be going to a child and for them this could be the only time they receive a box full of gifts just for them!
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