7 years old

Master B today you are 7 years old! Here are my posts from the last few years 6th Birthday and 5th Birthday.

Today I give you big hugs and kisses (and yes you protest and try and squirm away) and I see my blue eyed blonde haired baby who is growing up so fast!!

You still pull the funniest faces

Colouring in together is fun

You don't mind me playing with your hair and brushing it to one side

You love your goggles- and are so glad Santa brought you a pair for Christmas

I'm constantly amazed at the creations you can build!

You love to read and also love to listen to Mr B read to you

You are growing but Master W is catching up to you- its all that food, sunshine and sleep that's making you both grow

Hiding in the couch cushions is still a fun game

I love finding notes and pictures under my pillow

You like adventure and of course- sand and water

 the times you play so nicely with your brother are wonderful

I love those moments you want a hug.

Happy Birthday Master B! lots of love from us!
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Ellerslie International Flower Show

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I went  to the annual Flower show .

A few years ago it was on my birthday and I spent the day with Mr B. This year I went alone and really enjoyed the alone time and the big draw card was the New Zealand Gardner speaker series.

The speakers I sat in on and listened too were Andrew Boyland ,Ruud Kleinpaste and the highlight for me was seeing Lynda Hallinan. She was so lovely (and even got a pic with her- so awesome!!) and what inspiration she is and now I'm inspired to get stuck into our garden.

The weather was windy but thankfully not wet and cold!

I found Canstruction very cool!

It was such a fun day and well and nice day out.

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Project Life 2014 Week Eight

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It was great to be able to swap some cards from my mini kits for more 6x4 title cards that I needed and also found a few I liked at spotlight but they are mainly 3x4's.

This week has been a week of weather extreme's- pouring rain and dark skies vs really warm 33+ dregree days. It was fun going on a trip to the beach with school for the boys. This week also marked 3 years on since February 22nd. I put flowers from our garden in our neighbours road cone seemed very fitting as their move in day was the 22nd.

I had fun stamping up the date cards for the next few weeks.

I thought this week I would use one of my allright cards and I wrote on the front and Mr B wrote on the back. I hope that when I look back even in a few months it will be more positive.

Week 8

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22nd Feb....3 years on

Tomorrow will be the 22nd............this time we are 3 years on from that day that caused such devastation to our city at 12.51pm that took 185 lives.

Photo taken 22nd February 2011 (our car- boot and lights- is the one on the far left under the tree)
I was reading an interesting and very relevant article time to be kind. I feel like we are in the middle- more like we are stuck in limbo land- we have had  repairs done but to a very poor quality of work that has resulted in us making a formal complaint and this then creates more reports that need to be written and waiting for our home to be actually be fixed.
We are still waiting for our sewerage and storm water to be fixed, having to give up fighting our land claim to our damaged land- apparently 3 years on our property looks nice (insert eye roll). We continue to wait for more reports to be written and decisions for be made all beyond our control.

A post card from allright
I was reading my last 2 years posts 2 years on and 1 year on from the 22nd February and remembering all those feelings. 3 years on I have new emotions about it all- stress, worry, frustration, anger, exhaustion and thankfulness.

A lot has changed in 3 years but at the same time some things not at all.
The best thing that came out of us being out of our home last year for repairs was the hexagon quilt (and our new kitchen and wooden floors). This was time spent creating, being productive, satisfying hand work with 343 hexagons made into something beautiful.

I remind myself of all the wonderful things and adventures we have had with last year's 2013 recap and  I find this a good time to look forward to our future, creating memories, trucking on and just enjoying the boys as they are quickly growing up.

Tomorrow at 12.51pm is a time to be still and silent and be ever so thankful for our wonderful  friends, family, neighbours and everyone in our lives who makes each day easier and brighter.

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Sew Sweet Swap

I signed up for the Sew Sweet Swap

The idea of this swap is to send a small handmade zippered pouch (or similar) to your swap partner filled with some yummy treats.

I was so excited to receive my package from my swap partner all the way from the UK. It felt much like a wonderful Christmas present. I was very spoilt with the beautiful bag, card and goodies!

I posted to Tracey. I made a zipper pouch using this tutorial and found this pattern for the fox - and the best part was including a few yummy New Zealand goodies (and a few of them my favourites)

Thanks Cat for organising this awesome and delicious swap!
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Project Life 2014 Week Seven

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It has been a busy week and it got very exciting when we had a mega downpour of hail and rain which the boys LOVED playing in when is started filling up the back and front yard.

Dinner out at C1 Espresso was an experience having dinner arrive in a pneumatic tube- and it was delicious and great evening with awesome friends!

The blank space I have left is for Mr B's Valentines card when it finally arrives in the post. He posted one last year and it arrived on time, but who doesn't love Valentines being dragged out a little longer.

Week 7

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