2 years on

Today we take a minutes silence and I try and hold back tears as we remember back to the day when for me it was so very scary. I recalled that day in this blog post -all those memories and feelings.

Photo taken 22nd February 2011 (our car- boot and lights- is the one on the far left under the tree)

Today 2 years on I feel sad. Sad for the loss of loved ones many others experienced, sad for the loss of property, homes and workplaces, sad for the loss of normal and safe, and now that sad is turning to frustration and anger as 2 1/2 years on we still have a daily detours and house that looks like we have had earthquakes and feeling stuck in limbo land and anger as they say after waiting 2 1/2 years for action from insurance and eqc who say well last year we would have paid for this and that but we don't any more and anger they are just doing a patch up job and not really fixing anything long term.

So today I feel sad and today I also feel so very blessed and thankful I have my family and all those near and dear to me. I remember the strength of communities and friendships who have helped, listened, laughed and cried together and so very aware of the resilience of my children and all those I know.

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  1. well said - there is still a lot of frustration for people in limbo xxx

  2. Hope you get EQC sorted soon.
    Hugs x

  3. Hope it all gets resolved fairly quickly for you guys! big hugs x

  4. Thoughts to all Christchurchians! Donkey has a lot to answer for!


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