Master W's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Master W's 4th Birthday a few weeks ago now.

enjoying his new duplo
When we got home and back to reality after our holiday it was time for a celebration with his friends and family.

I made some invites before we went away

and made up little gift bags for the children we invited

Gift Bags with a balloon and mini play doh

Master W was very spoilt! I made carrot cake  and mini muffins with cute little toppers- using the coloured card and stickers I used for the invites. In the excitement of the party we forgot to take photos of them and the cake which was covered in Jelly Beans!

We are very glad that it didn't pour down on the day of the party so the children could play outside- the hard part with July birthdays is having a house full of people. It was a great afternoon celebrating my baby turning 4!!

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on the couch

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Argh! Sickness has come to our house!! I am very thankful to have a wonderful husband who has been taking care of us all while we are unwell.

Last week I did make a start on a few more dolls before I came down with what ever it was that made me feel like I was hit by a bus!

Dolls Bodys

lots of buttons!
Also while I were were away for the School Holidays I brought a few to figure out what to do with them all.

So apart from spending a lot of time on the couch watching the Olympics not much else has been going on here. I still have the form open for the spring swapsy so if you want to be a part of the swap please fill out the form!!

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Photo Friday

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Added new button hair ties on felt

Happy Friday!
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I'm keen for a spring swapsy!

I am excited to do a Spring Swapsy!!!

It can be to swap fabric, thread, wool, other crafty things you have that others might want to make use of! I will also add in the blog link with your address information if you have one to share so you can see what the person you are sending to makes or would like to receive.

I have set up a form here for anyone interested to fill out and then I can email and supply postal  information of the person you are to send the spring swapsy items to.

To make this easy and us all spending the same amount on postage and post similar amounts for the swap NZ post has a C4 flat parcel post bag $5 that is a prepaid bag.
It would be awesome if you could keep within the 1.5kg limit and size limitations of the C4 bag and also if we make our date for things to be posted to our swap partner 1st September 2012 this should give us all plenty of time to find things in our own stash to to add to our bag to be swapped. Close off date for signing up is 20th August.

The wonderful thing about a swap is to not have to go out and buy more things but utilize what we already have in our stash. Also please dont worry if the person you are sending indicates they want something you dont have- just use what you have!!

Here is a button if you want to add to your blog

Copy and paste the code below for buttony goodness and to link up here!
<p align="center"><a href="" title="I'm part of the spring crafty swap 2012"><img src="" /></a></p>
I am excited to get this Spring Swapsy started so please fill out the form so we can get this swap started!
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...who sank the boat?

have you ever read the book- Who sank the boat?- Pamella Allen?

(its a great book by the way- my boys love it and like to point out it was the mouse before we even start)

I find that in a week/over time it doesn't seem to be one really big thing that gets to me but more a series of smaller events in the week/month that sends you to the point where I find one more thing will be the "mouse that sank the boat" in a way. And when I say it -sank the boat I don't mean a break down (hide under the covers and never want to come out) more the point where things are stacked so high emotionally (with all the other things are being held on to/ trying to be dealt with/ not sure what to do/feel about things) and then one small thing seems to make everything fall (all come pouring out) and everything just seem so unreasonable to deal with and it usually ends with tears or feeling emotionally exhausted.

For me the boat tipping is a good thing. More so everything that was stacked up is usually put behind (moving forward and dealing with something) and having to deal with and it allows not just for more things to be added but a time to look back/ reflect and remember, process, share all the good and bad things that happened and and not get bogged down with all the things that didn't go my way and see things with perspective.

Sometimes I wonder if other people get to the point where they have a "mouse sinks their boat" and what they do to deal with that..... this is my thought for the day.....

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I ironed a little...


I started ironing all the fabric I have so my fabric box doesn't look like this anymore (okay well it still does a little)

I have made a start in hope that its easier to find fabrics and well it just looks nicer!

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Photo Friday

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Things like this can be a lesson in patience!
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being a part of the sisterhood

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Last month I posted about being a part of the sisterhood.

The sisterhood is here on Facebook and is now at over 400 new likes.  It has been awesome to see the what the power of love of others and what complete strangers can do for each other and personally its awesome to see the few things I have contributed go out to others and to even get to read a blog about one reaction is just awesome to see and be a part of!

At the moment The Sisterhood is on its second Love Bomb and just finishing up collecting things to be added to their packages  and here is the birthday love bomb that was delivered last week to one lovely recipient for her birthday.

Its an awesome thing to be a part of and for myself its an awesome way of loving others and sharing the love to others you never met but they appreciate it so much and just to watch it grow and see so many others being loved and sharing the love!! its just AWESOME and AMAZING!!

So really I'm just saying if you can share the love do it and it can be as big or as small just to let someone know they are loved!!

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back to reality

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We are back from our holiday and back into the swing of our normal with school, work and preschool, walking the dog etc. I really enjoyed our two weeks of holiday. Our first week in here and our second week here but it sure is nice to be home.

I am now wearing my wrist support all the time and got some new tape today which feels nicer than strapping tape. Things are feeling better with no pain in my shoulder, elbow but my tendons in my wrist still are not happy.

On a more productive crafty note I did make myself a hat while away....after I lost my other one *sad face*

new crochet hat
I found the teal colour wool at an opshop in Mosgiel and brought the cream felted wool (really like using the shepherd felted wool). Took a wee while to get started but soon got the hang of it having never made a hat before.

Its always exciting to get post and these blocks just arrived for the third round of the Modern Sampler Bee and these blocks are awesome. Haven't thought about making a start on mine yet- but I do have a few months to get them made and posted.

With Master W turning 4  last weekend we are having his birthday party in the weekend. I have been busy getting everything ready for it. Invites were sent out before we went on holiday

and I picked up some cute napkins and cupcake cases today and found the most adorable playdoh containers to put in the kids gift bags!

Excited to make up the packs and decide on the cake for the birthday celebration!

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4 today!!

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Master W turns 4 today!!!!!

Master W a few hours old

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

today- 4th Birthday

He is growing up so fast!! Happy Birthday Master W we love you very much!!

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last week of school holiday fun

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Had an awesome school holidays but also looking forward to getting back into the swing of things on Monday.

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Photo Friday


Brrr I made a warm hat to keep my head warm :D
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school holiday fun

Our first week of the school holidays has been fun.

Enjoying the sunshine and family and ready for the next week!

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