being a part of the sisterhood

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Last month I posted about being a part of the sisterhood.

The sisterhood is here on Facebook and is now at over 400 new likes.  It has been awesome to see the what the power of love of others and what complete strangers can do for each other and personally its awesome to see the few things I have contributed go out to others and to even get to read a blog about one reaction is just awesome to see and be a part of!

At the moment The Sisterhood is on its second Love Bomb and just finishing up collecting things to be added to their packages  and here is the birthday love bomb that was delivered last week to one lovely recipient for her birthday.

Its an awesome thing to be a part of and for myself its an awesome way of loving others and sharing the love to others you never met but they appreciate it so much and just to watch it grow and see so many others being loved and sharing the love!! its just AWESOME and AMAZING!!

So really I'm just saying if you can share the love do it and it can be as big or as small just to let someone know they are loved!!

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