Farmers Wife Quilt

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I'm starting again on my Farmers Wife Quilt. This time I'm only using fabrics from my stash.

Last time I started I wondered why the blocks were not 6 1/2'' as per the pattern, turns out the default to print was 94% so this time they are all set to 100%.

This time I made sure the seam allowance was correct by doing a test by sewing on the paper pattern.

So now I've started on new blocks and this time my blocks are coming out at 6 1/2'' so the finished size will be 6''.

I've got a nice pile of block patterns ready to sew and iron.

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a whole pile of extra photos

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I have now finished the boys month by month  0-5 albums, my 2014 project life album and working away on the 2015 weekly album.

 I wondered what to do with all the photos I had from our youth and all the other photos I had in piles in random boxes over the house.

It was very overwhelming looking at such a large pile of photos I had found in my searching/organising the house- many photos are of the boys I didn't use for their month by month albums.

To work out what we wanted to keep I created categories and firstly piled up the photos that fitted in each of the categories and this made it easier to create new categories as we sorted 
Here are a few categories
* boys baby photos
*marching photos
*wedding photos 
*our baby photos
*santa photos

Once the piles were created we (Mr B and myself) went through every photo and decided

yes - keep and put in an album

no - destroy

there were no if's, maybe's or I might need it sometime.....

IT WAS TOUGH but it was also a nice time to reminisce over all the photos and the memories.

BUT I also had a problem with what to do with all the photos left over in the no- need to destroy and not put back into boxes pile- this was a fair few hundred photos.

(don't worry every photo we have is backed up in multiple places online- Mr B has that covered) 

One thought was to shred all the left over photos- BUT we don't own a shredder of any type, and I wasn't keen on hand cutting up hundreds of photos.

I was not going to be putting hundreds of our photos in the bin for someone to one day find to look at.

After a quick google search I came up with a very simple and sort of quick solution (sorry this isn't the most environmentally friendly but a very quick solution that suited me)


I  filled up the bucket with the photos from the no pile and filled it with water and added a cup of bleach- it works really well. I have the lid on the bucket and the bucket in the garage away from the boys and our pets. It strips all the ink from the photos and all you are left with is very dirty water and blank photo paper which I can now safely bin. 

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month by month albums

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I started working on the boys month by month albums a few years ago and I've finally finished Master W's album on his 7th birthday!

I had finished Master B's album last year. 

I had started with albums and 12x12 sleeves from the Warehouse but found they were not standing up to being used often with me using them and taking the 12x12 card stock pages in and out and all the opening and closing they were getting . I switched to Project Life albums. These of course now all match with my other albums I have. (They look pretty all lined up)

Master B's album with a few pages of the March- April layouts. I love seeing how much he changed over the years but also how much he still looks the same.

Master W's pages with the September- October layouts. They are both growing up so fast!

I have finished up the boys albums with their 5th Birthdays and starting school. Master B has a few extra pages but thankfully everything after these albums is covered in my 2014 Project Life Album.

So in total each album has a cover page, and then 60 pages - 1 page per month for 5 years and then a few extras for Master B. 

Its a proud feeling to have something you set out to do more than 8 years ago actually be finished!

I'm still undecided if I go back through and write a few thoughts and note milestones on each page.....I have left space on each layout for this but I will keep thinking on that one.
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7 years old!

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Master W today you turn 7! 

It seems like a blink of an eye that 7 years has passed. 

You are so enthusiastic in helping where ever you can and willing to give anything a go

Your hugs brighten our day

You have a great sense of adventure 

You are growing so tall- your feet are already a size 3

I love to see you and your brother play so well together even if it is cars on the window sill

You love looking at our family photos

Family and friends are very important to you

You are always so gentle and kind

You are so very cheeky when ever there is a camera

Happy Birthday Master W 
Enjoy all your birthday lego 
We love you to the moon and back xxx

I love looking back over the past few years blog posts. 6 years5 years, 4 years 
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Mr B it's your birthday

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Mr B you are my rock and my sunshine
Happy Birthday 
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Where I Am At Right Now- Winter thoughts

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Making : lemon curd with Master B's help

Cooking : pizza for dinner

Drinking : water

Reading: library books
Wanting: to order more Project Life album pages

Looking: forward to the school holidays
Playing: cockroach poker with the family
Deciding: what movie to watch for movie night

Wishing: there were more sunshine hours in the day

Enjoying: how excited the boys are about bunny sitting

Waiting: for my #nerdymugrugswap to arrive in the post 

Liking: minions

Wondering: when minions will be on dvd
Loving: the heat of the fire
Pondering: why my bulbs are already up in the garden
Considering: starting another quilt
Watching: my boys play so wonderfully together

Hoping: we can make the most of the school holidays
Marvelling: the ice on our windscreen on mornings of -3

Needing: to wear woollen socks in the mornings
Smelling: lilies

Wearing: gumboots to soccer

Following: the weather forecast as we wait for snow this year
Noticing: the water on the windows

Knowing: we are past the shortest day of the year
Thinking: we need to see more shows
Feeling: so pleased we saw Brooke Fraser live 

Admiring: how beautiful the Isaac Theatre Royal ceilings are 

Buying: project life albums
Getting: impatient waiting for the warmer weather
Bookmarking: recipes for winter
Opening: the fire to put in more wood
Giggling: at the funny things my boys say

Feeling: glad our stormwater is FINALLY connected to the street

You can find the list here
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blank wall

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At the end of last year I shared the joys of a new toilet. This of course has been a huge and very wonderful change to the house. We can no longer hear the toilet flush at the other end of the house nor does it take hours for it to fill.  

Its been 6 months since the new toilet was put in and I have spent that time searching for art for the toilet wall - the wall you look at every time you use the toilet.

It has been blank.

A very boring blank toilet wall.

I had a brain wave when I saw these wall decals or should I say wall confetti. A perfect low cost solution to a very blank toilet wall. 

Everyone wanted to see the progress of the wall confetti as the four of us and a chair tried to fit in this very small space not designed for 4 people and a chair.

I checked pintrest for inspiration but honestly I just started sticking the shapes on starting at the top.

Pretty coloured confetti shapes on the toilet wall. 

This is my new view from the laundry # happyplace
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Mint mini quilt

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In January I signed up for a mini quilt club for 6 months. One pattern emailed each month for 6 months.  

February's pattern was a Sapphire Mini Quilt. 
I have lots of cushion fabric let over so I used those fabrics for the block with Kona ash for the grey.

I hand quilted it in teal, mint and grey

So fun to make! Its now on it way to a friend for her birthday. I hope she enjoys her new mini quilt.
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