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I have now finished the boys month by month  0-5 albums, my 2014 project life album and working away on the 2015 weekly album.

 I wondered what to do with all the photos I had from our youth and all the other photos I had in piles in random boxes over the house.

It was very overwhelming looking at such a large pile of photos I had found in my searching/organising the house- many photos are of the boys I didn't use for their month by month albums.

To work out what we wanted to keep I created categories and firstly piled up the photos that fitted in each of the categories and this made it easier to create new categories as we sorted 
Here are a few categories
* boys baby photos
*marching photos
*wedding photos 
*our baby photos
*santa photos

Once the piles were created we (Mr B and myself) went through every photo and decided

yes - keep and put in an album

no - destroy

there were no if's, maybe's or I might need it sometime.....

IT WAS TOUGH but it was also a nice time to reminisce over all the photos and the memories.

BUT I also had a problem with what to do with all the photos left over in the no- need to destroy and not put back into boxes pile- this was a fair few hundred photos.

(don't worry every photo we have is backed up in multiple places online- Mr B has that covered) 

One thought was to shred all the left over photos- BUT we don't own a shredder of any type, and I wasn't keen on hand cutting up hundreds of photos.

I was not going to be putting hundreds of our photos in the bin for someone to one day find to look at.

After a quick google search I came up with a very simple and sort of quick solution (sorry this isn't the most environmentally friendly but a very quick solution that suited me)


I  filled up the bucket with the photos from the no pile and filled it with water and added a cup of bleach- it works really well. I have the lid on the bucket and the bucket in the garage away from the boys and our pets. It strips all the ink from the photos and all you are left with is very dirty water and blank photo paper which I can now safely bin. 

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