my 2013 recap

This year seems to have flown by!! Its so nice to look back at each month and see how much we have done and of course how much the boys have grown!


We really enjoyed camping as a family.

Master B recovered quickly after a green stick break.


I remembered how far we had come 2 years on after all the earthquakes. We had so much fun creating a robot party for  Master B's 6th Birthday and I looked back 6 years to see how much he has grown.


I celebrated my birthday and had yummy cake!


It was awesome to be a part of organising it all Bloggers Connecting weekend where 60+ bloggers from over NZ came to Christchurch. We had a great weekend and it was great to have Breakfast and walk around the city.


We had a great Easter long weekend with the boys.


We were off on holiday to Sydney and then to Perth and more of Perth to see our friends and Alison and myself made some awesome memories and got a few things ticked off our 30 before 30 lists!

We also got to visit Perth Zoo and the boys spent most of our holiday in the water.


We moved out for 6 weeks to have house repairs done and it also included a new kitchen and floors.

We had a very long week when the boys had chickenpox at the same time.


I started a hexagon quilt, and was happy to get 161 hexagons done.

We moved home and I am still loving the new kitchen!

Master W started school and took to it like a duck to water.


It was awesome to see everyone get behind such a great cause with Elements Market

Master B started working from home so it means more family time.

I got the hexagon quilt finished!!!!!!


I was so excited to become and Auntie for the first time!

Craft group went on an awesome road trip. I got to be a part of the Sisterhood and do the Ninja baking drop/ and this is what I bakedAnd a group of fellow bloggers got together for Blessing Deb


Craft group had an Op Shop day around Christchurch. 

I helped out at The Make Cafe and the community came together to send 46 Operation Christmas child boxes!! 

We celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary and spent the day to ourselves.

We had a great School Holidays


Master B lost his first tooth. And we found out that the tooth fairy now pays $2 per tooth.


We made a gingerbread house!

Master W came 3rd in long distance for school athletics day.

The boys did so well with wearable arts . Master W was a penguin and Master B was a glow worm and I enjoyed helping out at school.

I've really enjoyed the advent swap I took part in and here are all the posts days 1-7days 8-14days 15-18days 19-25 and the gifts I sent

Now as the year has come to an end and looking back on so many memories we have created and its sure had some highs and also some lows but I'm looking forward to what the next year brings!

See you in 2014!!
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