Advent Swaps 2013 gifts


Here are all the gifts I sent to Cat
Day 1- Cloud Embroidery hoop
Day 2- Baking Bling
Day 3- Crochet Flower Embroidery hoop
Day 4- Photo of  Autumn leaves Canterbury 2013 (Credit)
Day 5- RJ's Natural Licorice
Day 6- Crochet Star
Day 7- Simply Crochet Magazine
Day 's 8/9/10- Fq's of fabric
Day 11- Jar and Whisk
Day 12- Dinosaur sandwich cutter
Day 13- earrings
Day 14- Jar of buttons
Day 15- Crochet dishloths
Day 16- Needle book and needles
Day 17 - Colouring books 
Day 18- Crochet flower bunting
Day 19- Crochet patterns and toffee pops
Day 20- Crochet letter C embroidery hook
Day 21- Necklace
Day 22- Freddo frogs
Day 23- Zipper pouch
Day 24- Love Bunting
Day 25- Bunnies

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  1. I just adored all of my gifts you chose and made for me
    Thank you so much
    The bunting the hoops the bunnies gah all of it gorgeous thank you

  2. You did a great job of these Treena - no doubt she loved every single thing :)


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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