Advent Swap gifts day 19-25


All the gifts are now open!!! It was a great Christmas spent with family and we are now trying to have a rest and catch up on sleep.

Day 19- Magazines
Day 20-Earrings
Day 21- Spare Reindeer noses
Day 22- Frame 
Day 23- Coffee!
Day 24- Canvas

Day 25-Two very awesome cups.

Thanks Angela!!!! I have really enjoyed each day searching for the right gift under the tree to open. Most items have now found a home in our house or been eaten ;P Looking forward to next years swap already!
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  1. Those mugs are awesome, what a great idea!

  2. LOVE those cups and oh my gosh I have loved my swap! Those rabbits day 25 :)

  3. I'm so glad you liked everything! It was so great finding and making things for someone as lovely as you xx

  4. Such awesome gifts - Ange has done a great job!


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