Where I am right now - January

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Making : the most of summer sun sets

Cooking : potatoes from our garden

Drinking : hot water

Reading: New Zealand geographic articles about the 1929 Murchison EQ

Trawling: through family photos

Wanting: the boys cactus not to die

Looking: at wee coloured skies 

Deciding: what lunch boxes they need for school this year

Wishing: we had summer all year round

Enjoying: the sand at the beach

Waiting: for these two to finish reading every time we go to a bookstore

Liking: slow evenings watching the boys play in the garden

Wondering: when summer will return after all this rain

Loving: the boys kindness and helpfulness

Pondering: the movie Lion 

Listening: to birthday requests from Master B

Considering: holidays this year

Buying: lego for Mr B

Watching: the boys using skate boards at the Amazon surf store

Hoping: for more evening bike rides

Marvelling: at how much hair these three have

Needing: more opportunities to wear togs

Questioning: how are rocks made courtesy of Master W

Smelling: tomato plants in the evenings after I water them

Wearing: jandals

Noticing: how much they grow

Knowing: I am loved

Thinking: these two don't look that much alike?!

Admiring: adorable tiny pony tails

Getting: ready for school to start back...8 days to go

Bookmarking: how to make bead necklaces

Disliking: whining

Feeling: relaxed

Helping: other mums through this holiday period with shared childcare 

Hearing: "you owe me pocket money" every week without fail

Celebrating: Opa's 91st Birthday with cake!

Pretending: This actually says "you make me smile"

Embracing: the school holidays

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