Christmas Encraftment Market

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Come and check out Christmas Encraftment! 

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where I am right now- November

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Making : Christmas Angels

Cooking : bbq for dinner

Drinking : lots of water 

Reading: the weather reports

Wanting: Mr B's ring to be fixed asap

Looking: forward to construction starting

Playing: games with the boys

Deciding: on my Encraftment Market table layouts

Wishing: for more date nights with Mr B

Enjoying: the glow in the evening skies

Waiting: for our garden to be in full bloom so we can enjoy all the fruit and vegetables

Liking: all the video's left by Master B on the camera about lego

Wondering: why the camera can't just auto rotate photos for me

Loving: friends coming to visit

Pondering: how on earth the garage was still standing after all the eq's given how damaged it was

Considering: what exterior lights to buy

Watching: grand designs nz

Hoping: for a week of sunshine

Marvelling: at how fast the boys are growing

Needing: rest

Smelling: the flowers

Wearing: protective gear to remove the garage

Following: so many awesome crafters on Instagram

Noticing: all the close ups of the dog

Knowing: these two are my world

Thinking: this is a great time to year with lighter warmer evenings

Feeling: proud of this quilt

Admiring: the awesome photos the boys leave on the camera

Buying: storage solutions

Getting: over a cold

Bookmarking: christmas card options

Opening: wrapping paper to wrap Christmas gifts

Giggling: at how many screws this child stashed in his pockets while sorting

You can find the list here
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9 years

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Rafting down the Avon

When a friend asked a while ago if I would be keen to go rafting down the Avon, my first response was sure- why not.....but it needs to be be around 20 degrees please. 

I got a call yesterday saying the weather forecast looked good and the temperature perfect and that today would be the day to go rafting and we would start the day at 8am.

I am a list person so I asked the pro what I needed- and active wear was my attire for the morning, along with water, sunhat and sunglasses. 

Can I point out my rafting companion who was also the supplier of said rafts, is very wise and had the knowledge of rafting who also kindly worked out the course we would take.

I honestly had no idea what I was in for. First things first inflate the raft. 
I successfully inflated my raft. Winning!

I made sure the view from the raft was good and I could actually get in and out of it- we had many people stopping along the bridge at the park to watch what we were doing.

We launched at the Botanical Garden near the playground.

We made our way through the park and into the city and towards Avonside Drive.

I loved the sense of calm on the water as we headed into the red zone.

There were many times I just put the paddles down and floated along soaking in the sunshine and view.

This was us after 3 hours on the water!
It was fun and enjoyable (and I'm sure my shoulders are going to ache tomorrow)

Its amazing to see that we rafted this distance through the city via the river.

And the boys thought it was great picking us up - mud, water and stones!

Any guesses to the number of road cones that were counted (in the river only) in our travels on the Avon river this morning?

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thoughtful gift giving...its 92 days till Christmas

Its already September and I can see Christmas decorations and items already in the shops.....where has this year gone?!?

Last year I saw many posts about the gift giving philosophy and really wanted to be wiser about gift giving this year.

I like to be organised and personally don't want to go any where near the shops in the month of December so I got on to shopping early this year!

I wanted to gifts to be thoughtful to avoid the clutter and the random items. With the boys being so similar in age I always need to be some what consistent in the amount for each but I can't just buy the same for each (they both have different likes and strengths)

So these are the items I have sorted this year

Something they want = Lego
Something to create = Watercolour paint and paint brushes / Paint brushes and apron
Something to read = books of interest 
Something to wear = t-shirt, shorts
Something they need = duvet covers

I find purchasing items over the year much less stressful. Of course the boys will always get socks and undies in their stockings as we stick with family traditions.

I am feeling so relieved that I don't need to go to the shops and feel stressed. And I may have purchased myself gifts, handed them to Mr B to wrap. It feels great to be done.
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5 years since september 4th

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Its hard to believe its been 5 years since we woke at 4.35am 4th September 2010
I briefly posted about it here in June 2011.

My babies have grown so much over the past 5 years.
Lots of things have changed that have been beyond our control.

I am so thankful for the beautiful things I have created in the worst of times

and despite the city still being in chaos and construction mode my boys and family are safe and well.

We now have new opportunities to explore the ever changing landscape.

We are making the most of the new and exciting, creating memories along the way even when sometimes all you want to do in go back to bed and hide.

We have been capturing the small and possibly insignificant moments 

and enjoying the simple pleasures of home.

In some ways nothing feels the same as it was before all the earthquakes.

I'm making sure to capture it all. Every moment of it.

Sometimes through the worst of times it brings out our best and what's important and what we are capable of. 

A lot has changed over 5 years. This is now our new normal. And I'm okay with that.
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