thoughtful gift giving...its 92 days till Christmas

Its already September and I can see Christmas decorations and items already in the shops.....where has this year gone?!?

Last year I saw many posts about the gift giving philosophy and really wanted to be wiser about gift giving this year.

I like to be organised and personally don't want to go any where near the shops in the month of December so I got on to shopping early this year!

I wanted to gifts to be thoughtful to avoid the clutter and the random items. With the boys being so similar in age I always need to be some what consistent in the amount for each but I can't just buy the same for each (they both have different likes and strengths)

So these are the items I have sorted this year

Something they want = Lego
Something to create = Watercolour paint and paint brushes / Paint brushes and apron
Something to read = books of interest 
Something to wear = t-shirt, shorts
Something they need = duvet covers

I find purchasing items over the year much less stressful. Of course the boys will always get socks and undies in their stockings as we stick with family traditions.

I am feeling so relieved that I don't need to go to the shops and feel stressed. And I may have purchased myself gifts, handed them to Mr B to wrap. It feels great to be done.
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  1. Love being organised! go you! Doing much the same here ;)

  2. you are such an organised person - you are a wonder!! xx

  3. I really love this, and I'm adding a "something to share" on my list for my two. I'm off to make a list!


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