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When I am having a terrible day, feeling sleep deprived and grumpy or have awesome news or want to share an idea- friends and of course my wonderful husband make it all better! I have a friend who even though she lives 5,067kms approx ( thanks google) we still manage to speak weekly via phone and keep in contact with fb, skype, email even when we have our own lives and a 5 hour time difference!

I received a package in the post! I love getting post!!!

Christmas card with beautiful earrings!

A bundle of fabrics

Hand stitched block!

[1] Attic Windows

Master B with his Dog and Master W with his Mousie

And a new Mousie from Ikea for Master W

I am very thankful for wonderful friends!!

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Photo Friday

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beautiful fabric
Have an awesome Friday!
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I'm starting another quilt or two

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I had a date with the sewing machine

[68] Postage Stamp

[34] Flock

[11] Broken Dishes
I felt very productive making 3 Farmers Wife quilt blocks in an afternoon. 16 now complete!

I started a quilt for a friend (who's super talented with making anything with wool) who's baby shower is in a few weeks. I got inspiration from another  friend who is making an I spy quilt for her son. Since they haven't found out the gender of baby- gender neutral is what I am doing using fabric I already have and using both boy and girl fabrics and of course plain colours and cream for the back and around the blocks.

Pile of fabrics to choose from

35 4 1/2 inch blocks cut

Pile of fabric cut 2 1/2 inches wide to use for binding and on the back of the quilt

This is my doodle for the quilt (this is how all my quilts start)

All cut and waiting for cream fabric 
I am excited to start sewing this baby quilt and pick up my fabric to start The Craftsy Block of the Month this week - check out the link on the right side bar!!
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Photo Friday

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Flowers I got from my wonderful husband this week.

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enjoying the process

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five hexagons now joined

the back of the hexagons
I am really enjoying hand stitching hexagons (yes crazy I know!) and its so satisfying taking out the hexagon templates and it still looks great on the underside. Now back to more basting and hand stitching after I get more washing on the line/ jump on the trampoline with the boys and fix their train track.

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loving the sunshine

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The weather in Christchurch has been great the past week. Lots of sun, wind and little or no rain. Makes it great to be able to take Sago for a good walk, bbq with friends, spend an afternoon with the boys at the beach and just lie outside in the sunshine and watch the clouds.
It sure is summer!

Master W took this photo

Master B and Master W playing outside

Me and Mr B at the beach

dipping our toes in the water

New Brighton Pier- Christchurch

Master B and Mr B in the sand
 Hexagons are growing and thanks to Sewpretty I now have the fabric for the center of my pile of  hexagons that I didn't have a match for.


hexagons with matching fabric
So this weeks plan is to get back to the sewing machine and make more Famers wife Quilt blocks. A friend of mine has inspired me after seeing her beautiful quilt using some of these fabrics from heirloom collection.

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Hexagons are growing!

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Two stitched together

All the hexagons I have made so far

Fabric cut and waiting to be basted
I came across this simple Idea while looking for hexagon inspiration. Makes it easy to get the best placing of an image on the hexagon when you are cutting fabric using a hexagon paper shape as a guide. I just use this Template which is clear.

Need to get some more white fabric to make more white hexagons and I am needing more plain co- ordinating fabrics for the center of the hexagons I have already cut. And I figure if I start stitching them together then I get to pull out the hexagon shape and re use. This is getting fun!

And a side note- Anyone know anything about thimbles? I brought a cheap metal one for my right finger (one next the the pinky finger) and it will do for now just needing two (one for right hand and one for left thumb) and better fitting. Any suggestions?

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Past few weeks its been like this....

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We have been enjoying the sunshine

Brought 2 wooden bowls for $2 at an op shop. Master B says we should use them for chip and dip

We now have a confident Master B on his bike

I brought some fabric from Sewpretty 

and made hexagons

and a few more

Master W had been doing a lot of  this- he's much better now

but looked so cute even when he was sick

I have been enjoying the time with Mr B at home

Boys have been doing a lot of lego building/ destroying

We even attempted organising lego into groups

Sago is growing

We have been doing some training with her

Got 14 new side plates from Ecoshop for FREE

Made my Christmas gift

It was yummy!

We have been lazing around

Mr B brought a new book..

and has been learning a new skill

Now we are back into the swing of things of normal routine!

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