Hexagons are growing!

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Two stitched together

All the hexagons I have made so far

Fabric cut and waiting to be basted
I came across this simple Idea while looking for hexagon inspiration. Makes it easy to get the best placing of an image on the hexagon when you are cutting fabric using a hexagon paper shape as a guide. I just use this Template which is clear.

Need to get some more white fabric to make more white hexagons and I am needing more plain co- ordinating fabrics for the center of the hexagons I have already cut. And I figure if I start stitching them together then I get to pull out the hexagon shape and re use. This is getting fun!

And a side note- Anyone know anything about thimbles? I brought a cheap metal one for my right finger (one next the the pinky finger) and it will do for now just needing two (one for right hand and one for left thumb) and better fitting. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yay! Another Christchurch blogger! Lov your hexagons, great colours.


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